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There’s no such thing as the right write space

Happy August 27! Where did the summer go? Rhetorical question. You and I both know it’s been lost in a haze of brown-tail moth rashes, unbearable humidity, people with out of state plates stopping in the middle of one of … Continue reading

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But We’re Really Spying on You

Kate Flora: Some years ago, I was speaking to a high school class about writing, and I was talking to them about how, as writers, we need to train ourselves to be observant. “You think you are here to watch me,” … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as the right write space

In the last Boston Sunday Globe, there was a feature on the writer Elin Hilderbrand. Seems she likes to write at the beach. There she is yucking it up in a bikini, pad and pen in hand, sun beating down.  … Continue reading

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The 10 Writing and Editing Stages of the Successful Novel

I know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and all the cool kids are therefore writing about all the things they’re thankful for. I definitely have many, many things to thank the universe for this year: a lovely new home, a cat-and-puppy … Continue reading

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Ten Tips for Tuning Up Your Descriptions

Kate Flora: There are so many challenges facing a writer who is trying to craft fiction that sometimes descriptions fall far down the list. By the time an author has developed a cast of characters, created a plot filled with twists … Continue reading

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Gestural Writing

James Hayman:  As the husband of an accomplished practicing artist who often works with the figure, I know my wife often begins what often ends up as a finished drawing, print, encaustic or oil painting with a quick gestural sketch … Continue reading

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Darkness First. Prologue. Part II

James Hayman: Those of you who have been following the adventures of McCabe and Savage in The Cutting and The Chill of Night will be pleased to know that the third in series, Darkness First, will be coming out at … Continue reading

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Writing a Crime Novel is Like . . .

To what do you compare writing a crime novel? Lea Wait: One of your analogies is also mine, Kaitlyn : the enormous picture puzzle. In my case I say the author has to make up all the pieces: the characters, the time, the … Continue reading

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