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The Best and the Worst: Advice for Writers

Kate Flora: Recently, I asked my fellow Maine crime writers, and some of my writer friends on Facebook, to share the best writing advice they’ve ever gotten, and the worst. It was a fascinating query, and here are some of the … Continue reading

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Barefoot, in the snow, and uphill both ways

  Kate Flora: I was going to write today about authors sharing some of the best, and worst, writing advice they’ve ever gotten. But something about the impending snowstorm got me thinking about Maine winters of long ago and about the … Continue reading

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Poems for You, While I Catch Up

Kate Flora: I am dug deep into a first review of the manuscript of my next book, Not What You Think, with the final edits on the next Joe Burgess procedural, A World of Deceit, waiting for me. With a head so full … Continue reading

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Here’s the Blunt Truth: Writing is Hard

Kate Flora: We’re in a new January, in a new year, and for many, those New Year’s resolutions may involve resolving to finally do that writing you’ve always dreamed of. This post is not intended to be discouraging. Those of … Continue reading

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Our Maine Winter

Today, we’re sharing some photos of our Maine winter. Hope you will join us and share some of your own. Sandra Neily: adding Moosehead Lake freeze up, cove at dawn, and well, the dog says it all. l  Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy … Continue reading

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The Books We’re Giving and Hoping to Get This Year

Today we’re sharing a list of the books we’re thinking of giving this year and perhaps some that we’d like to receive. What about you, readers? Are there books you’re excited about giving or getting? Kate Flora: I’m looking forward to … Continue reading

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The Tribe of Mystery Writers of Maine

Friends, today our guest is Matt Cost, sharing some thoughts about the Maine writer’s tribe and his new books:   Hello, Matt Cost here, visiting for the day. I’m a writer of histories and mysteries. I wanted to share my … Continue reading

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Believing in Your Right to Write

Kate Flora: As many of you know, I spent ten years in the unpublished writers’ corner, eight before I got an agent and two more before my first book saw the light. It was a hard ten years, a decade … Continue reading

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Sharing Our Holiday Traditions

Today, Maine Crime Writers are sharing some of our holiday traditions and if you have the time and inclination, we’d love to have you, our readers, share some of yours as well. Kate Flora: Thanksgiving on the farm was often the … Continue reading

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Why You’ve Hardly Aged at All

Kate Flora: I began writing seriously when my second son was born. That was when I quit my job to stay home with the boys and immediately panicked. I’d always worked. Now what was I going to do? I thought, optimistically, … Continue reading

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