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A Mini Vacation To Blue Hill and Deer Isle

Kate Flora: I suppose there are those who’d say that if we already have a place in Maine on the ocean, why would we ever need to leave? It’s a fair question. Most summers, I am so busy with gardening, writing, … Continue reading

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Am I Lazing on the Porch? Or Plotting?

Kate Flora: As seems to be its habit these days, summer arrived too slowly and now seems poised to flee just as we are settling in to enjoy it. I object! While it’s true that official fall doesn’t arrive until … Continue reading

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Revisiting Julia Spencer-Fleming’s Post: Are You a Mainer?

Today, the last day of our Blogcation, we’re sharing a post from Julia, who addresses the perennial question: How do you tell if someone is a Mainer? What would you add? I’m writing this from Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention, … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past: How We Keep Our Series Characters Fresh

Today, as part of our August “blogcation” we repost a post from a few years ago, but one that always had relevance for our readers, a chat about our strategies for keeping the series fresh. Kate Flora here, starting a conversation … Continue reading

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A Hodge-Podge of Random Thoughts and a Recipe

Kate Flora: These days, it seems like my mind is a hodge-podge of random thoughts and my focus is all over the place. Besides deadheading my flowers and finding great new recipes to cook, (salmon burgers, anyone? Or NYT … Continue reading

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A Horrid Murder – Redux

Today we continue our series of reposts from MCW alums. Today it’s from Jen Blood, sharing the tale of a long ago murder, and reminding us that newspaper headlines could be a lot more lurid and engaging than many of … Continue reading

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Remembering Lea Wait

It has been a few summers now since we lost our friend and sister blogger, Lea Wait. Lea was a close friend to many of us. A sounding-board. A role model. An inspiration. The kind of person you will find … Continue reading

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How It All Began – Revisited

For our August “Blogcation” some MCW writers are revisiting our posts from past. Here is one of mine from a few years ago, tweaked a bit to add to the story. Kate Flora: Crime writers sometimes engage in a competition … Continue reading

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Crime Writers Share Some Favorite Maine Places

Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite Maine places. An impossible task, I know, since we all have many favorites. We would love it if you would share some of yours in the comments–photos and descriptions. Summer. Winter. Land. Sea. … Continue reading

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Foggy Morning, Foggy Writer’s Brain

Kate Flora: It’s another foggy morning on the coast of Maine. The world is damp and gray and because it’s by the sea, still pretty to look at. The patterns on the water are silver and green and brown with … Continue reading

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