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Slippery Winter Roads? Drive like You Have a Dozen Eggs on the Seat

Kate Flora: The weatherman says we should expect severe cold by the weekend. Farther north, there will likely be snow. I am settled into my now daily wardrobe of fleece-lined leggings and a heavy fleece top. Not figure-flattering but when the … Continue reading

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Writing Advice from the Trenches

In our MCW group post this month we will be sharing a piece of writing advice that we have found helpful. Or a piece of advice that we’ve learned from experience. Or a piece of advice from a favorite writing … Continue reading

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The mysterious case of Elizabeth Freel

From time to time, we introduce you to guests whose work we believe you will find as fascinating as we do. Today’s guest is one of them, as you will soon discover. Kristen Seavey Intro I spend a lot of … Continue reading

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Real People in Fictional Stories

Charlene D’Avanzo: Reading Rhys Bowen’s latest “Royal Spyness” mystery (Peril In Paris) I was intrigued by the appearance of a historical person – Wallis Simpson – who reminds French police that she (Simpson) is the king of England’s fiancée and thereby … Continue reading

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Taking Joe Burgess to Miami

Kate Flora: I often preach, and yeah, I can get a bit preachy about things, that it is important for writers to get away from their desks, out into the world, and take some time to be observant. What’s around … Continue reading

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Better Taken with a Grain of Salt?

A tweaked and recycled post from a few years ago, advice to be considered as those of us who do so are making New Year’s Resolutions to try writing, or to write more, in the new year. Kate Flora: As we … Continue reading

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Maine Crime Writers Look Ahead to 2023

In today’s group post, we’re sharing some what lies ahead for us in the next year. New books or stories being published, new ventures undertaken. Whatever the journey will be in the year ahead. Kate Flora: I am absurdly excited that … Continue reading

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Christmas Mysteries

Charlene D’Avanzo: Many eminent crime writers have penned Christmas-themed stories, so, in the spirit of the season, here are a few: Hercule Poirot’s Christmas by Agatha Christie: On Christmas Eve the Lee Family is shocked by a loud crash followed by a … Continue reading

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A Man with a Gun, or a Beaver, or a Bear?

Kate Flora: I am progressing, much more slowly than I’d hoped, toward the end of the next Joe Burgess mystery, Book eight, Such a Good Man. I’ve known since long before I started the book who the killer and victim … Continue reading

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Love Letter to My Rodale’s Synonym Finder

Kate Flora: Oops! There I was, putting the last items in my suitcase for a trip to San Francisco–first time visiting friends in years–when the little calendar reminder on my phone went “DING!” to remind me that before I leave, … Continue reading

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