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Dreaming Up An Answer

Kate Flora: Often, at bookstore and library events, I, and other writers are asked where we get out ideas. There are many answers–overheard conversations. Stories in the newspaper. Things that happened to us or people we know. Something we read or … Continue reading

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Romance in Mysteries, Yes or No?

Happy Valentine’s Day! We thought this would be the perfect time for a discussion of the place of romance in our mysteries, and we welcome your thoughts on the subject. Kate Flora: I have to start by admitting that my … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name?

Kate Flora: I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on Facebook and thumbing through books–Shakespeare, Barlett’s Familiar Quotations, and books of poetry. Why? Because I have a new book–dark police procedural with a brand new protagonist who goes up … Continue reading

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Adventures in Research

Since readers are often curious about how we develop our stories, we thought we’d end the month of January by sharing some of the adventures we’ve had over the years doing research. As you will see, not all of our … Continue reading

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Messages from the Universe

Kate Flora: I am now starting day six of an awfully spartan diet, which likely colors my mood in a not very pleasant fashion. Still, when I sit down to blog, thinking of readers and writers out there, I always cheer … Continue reading

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Planning, Plotting, and Other Adventures

Kate Flora: January is always a time for reflection. My friend Lea Wait used to make five year plans, and January was a good time to review and revise them. I admired her greatly for that, but I’ve never been … Continue reading

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What Maine Crime Writers Are Reading

Group Post: Here at MCW we talk a lot about what we’re writing, and recently, we posted about the books we’re giving as holiday gifts. This is our chance to talk about the books we’re reading now, or looking forward … Continue reading

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