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Cloud Gazing

Kate Flora: There has been a lot written lately about the importance of getting out into nature and the resulting positive effects on our health. Being connected to the natural world was never an issue growing up. We lived on a … Continue reading

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What Draws You In, Character or Plot?

Today, we’re discussing a question posed by one of our readers. She asked which did we think drew readers into a book–the plot, or the characters. Here are some of our thoughts on the subject. Bruce Robert Coffin: Great question! … Continue reading

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As I Remember It

Dorothy Cannell: My husband, Julian, and I are going to England in August.  The first part of our trip will be spent at the mystery college at St. Hilda’s College in Oxford.  This will be our second time at this event … Continue reading

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Kate Flora: When people ask about a writer’s process, the questions are usually about whether we are plotters (outliners) or pantsers–writing by the seat of our pants. Sometimes the questions are about the number of hours we write, and whether we … Continue reading

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And A Good Time Was Had By All

This past weekend, most of us gathered at the Glickman Library in Portland, along with perhaps a hundred other people, for the Maine Crime Wave, a mystery conference dedicated to teaching writing skills, building our crime writing community and having … Continue reading

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The Duty of Writers: Pay No Attention to Duty

Charlene D’Avanzo: I haven’t been at this mystery writing business long, so now and then I seek the wisdom of veteran authors hoping their acumen will rub off. For some reason I’m often thirsty for literary inspiration at bedtime, so … Continue reading

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What’s Not On The List

Dorothy Cannell:  Every so often since the movie came out I’ve thought about making a Bucket List. I have a dear friend who did this and has joyfully checked off every aspirational item.  This inspiration fueled me to put some effort … Continue reading

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