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Pandemic Perspectives

Today, we are delighted to welcome Katherine Hall Page back to blog to talk about her new book, and writing during the pandemic. Katherine Hall Page: My new book, The Body in the Web is not about being in Maine. It’s … Continue reading

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Twelve Years in the Making, Teach Her a Lesson Finally Arrives!

Infatuation, threats, and lies are all on the menu in this thriller from Kate Flora. When high school teacher Alexis Jordan becomes the focus of a disturbed teen things quickly spiral out of control. And as the danger intensifies Alexis … Continue reading

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The Exploding Colors of Spring

Kate Flora: We are all seeing it, aren’t we, the way the natural world changes every day now. One gray and gloomy day, it will seem like the buds on trees that line the highway will never become leaves and … Continue reading

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Doing the “Buy My Book” Dance

Kate Flora: I’m just a few weeks away from publication of my 26th book, Teach Her a Lesson, and my to-do list is long. Many of the things on the list are things I should have done six months ago, … Continue reading

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Books That Feature Nature

Charlene D’Avanzo: What’s in your mind’s eye when you imagine New Jersey? It’s probably not a wilderness larger than most national parks – but that’s what is there and it’s called The Pine Barrens. A recent PBS program featured this … Continue reading

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The World Through Childrens’ Eyes

Kate Flora: Yesterday would have been my mom’s birthday. She’s been gone for years but I still miss her every day. She was a writer–and my inspiration–and also a gardener, a baker, and a keen observer of the world around her. … Continue reading

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Because We Like Each Other

Kate Flora: Last Saturday, Dick Cass organized an author event for Olli, or Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at USM, and invited me and Julia Spencer-Fleming to join him. The room was packed as the three of us presented one of … Continue reading

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The Books that REALLY Helped

Today, we’re doing a group post in which we share books that have helped us, inspired us, coached us, or whatever else it has taken to get us to the published writers stage or beyond. Perhaps some of them will … Continue reading

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Short on story ideas? Become a bartender.

From time to time, we like to introduce our readers to new Maine mystery writers. Today we’re pleased to share a post from newly published author Albert Waitt. Albert Waitt: As I was becoming a writer, I paid my bills by … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie and The Guilty Party

Charlene D’Avanzo: Agatha Christie is called the “Queen Of Crime” for very good reason. She wrote an astounding 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections, many that feature fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Her murder mystery The Mousetrap … Continue reading

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