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Depending on the Kindness of Strangers

Kate Flora: I’ve been reflecting lately on the decades of my writing career and being surprised at how much I’ve forgotten. Back in 1983, when our second son was about to be born and I’d decided to step away from the … Continue reading

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Sisters in Crime? What the Heck are They?

Kate Flora: In 1993, after nine painful years in the unpublished writer’s corner, I was on the cusp of publishing my first mystery. Chosen for Death, book one in my Thea Kozak series, was scheduled for publication the following year, and … Continue reading

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Sharing an April Post with My Mother

Kate Flora: It’s April, the month of my late mother’s birthday. It was the 17th, and of course I walked around the yard, peering at the newly emerging plants and shrubs, and thought of her. Often, on April 17th, we would … Continue reading

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An Alligator Hide over a Baby-Soft Soul

Kate Flora: I’ve been sitting in the writer’s chair now for almost thirty-nine years, ten of them spent in the grueling sadness of the unpublished writer’s corner. I’ve been up, as in, “Oh my gosh, my agent just got me a … Continue reading

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Sharing Books We’ve Read and Loved

From time to time, instead of talking about our writing, our books, or our Maine lives, we like to talk about books-other people’s books. That’s our group post theme for today: a book we’ve read and loved. Feel free to … Continue reading

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Dream It, Then Do It

I’m in the throes of reviewing comments from my beta readers on Thea 11, Death Sends a Message, so today I offer a slightly tweaked version of a post from several years ago. The message is still the same. It is better … Continue reading

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My Dance of Fame, Again

I realize St. Patrick’s Day’s still ten days away, but my mother— a woman who celebrated her Irish heritage for the entire month of March—has been on my mind lately. Unbothered by the gray skies, the yo-yo temperatures and the … Continue reading

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Sometimes There’s a Need for Whimsy

Kate Flora: We’ve just completed our three-day marathon drive to Florida, where we will spend the next month walking on the beach, going on bike rides, and mostly doing what we always do–writing–in a new venue. Yesterday we visited with relatives … Continue reading

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Some random notes from office cleaning

Kate Flora: I was thinking that I should tidy up my office today. Books and papers have a tendency to spread out until they cover every surface. As is often the case with tidying, I got as far as putting … Continue reading

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The Writing Reference Books You’ll Really Use

Kate Flora: In the early days of my efforts at writing, I joined the Writer’s Digest book club, and got regular infusions of writing books. Some of them I read. Some piled up on my desk and on the bookshelf. … Continue reading

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