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A Refreshing Dip in a Maine Ocean?

Kate Flora: Although the past week’s heat has temporarily made us forget, summer has taken its time arriving in Maine this year. A few weeks ago, we were still turning the heat on in the early morning and evening, and … Continue reading

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How Maine Crime Writers Celebrate the 4th

  Kate Flora: Most of us are taking a day off from writing today, so we’re sharing pictures of 4th of July celebrations. On Bailey Island, one very special aspect of the 4th of July is the Ice Cream Social at … Continue reading

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Just Something That Happened

Dorothy Cannell: In April my husband, Julian, and I visited our son and daughter-in-law in Arizona.  Our return was delayed a couple of days due to bad weather, and the only flight that could be rescheduled left at midnight with a … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This . . . Everything

Kate Flora: If you read Vaughn Hardacker’s post yesterday, you’ll have gotten the idea–writing a finished book isn’t as simple as doing a draft and you’re done. I’ve always said that story goes in in the first two drafts and craft … Continue reading

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The Surprising Collaboration Between Writers and Readers

Kate Flora: Thirty-five years ago, when my second son was born, I decided to quit my job and stay home for a few years with my boys. I immediately had the terrified thought, But I’ve always worked. Now what will I … Continue reading

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Making Waves in Portland

Many of the Maine Crime Writers will be gathering in Portland on Friday and Saturday for the 2018 Maine Crime Wave. The Wave is an opportunity for members of the crime writing community, published, unpublished, or avid readers, to get … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

Dorothy Cannell: A couple of months ago I wrote about going through my bookcases looking for books I’d saved years ago with the thought I might one day reread them.  Mostly these were romantic suspense or gothics.  I lined them up … Continue reading

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