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Where Does A Book Begin?

Kate Flora: I was at a dinner party in Boston last night to celebrate my friend Laura’s sixty-fifty birthday. During dinner, we were talking about writing and her son asked me “Where does a book begin?”  The answer, of course, … Continue reading

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Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory and Other Craft Musings

Kate Flora: I was driving around yesterday, doing errands, and listening to Friendship Point by Alice Eliot Dark, the book my book group has chosen for September. At one point, one of characters refers to Hemingway’s “Iceberg Theory.” As an … Continue reading

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Maine Writers Share Some Favorite Maine Summer Activities

From time to time, we like to get together in a group post. Sometimes it is writing tips or writing books, sometimes it is Maine food or how we celebrate holidays or the books we’re giving or want to get … Continue reading

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Whimsical Maine Through a Writer’s Lens

Kate Flora: In the world of talented photographers, I wouldn’t even try to compete. Their brilliance is everywhere, including on my walls. But as regular readers of this blog know, one piece of advice I routinely offer to aspiring writers is … Continue reading

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She Has a Strange Idea of Fun

Kate Flora: Last week I took a break from revising my non-mystery book, Unleashed Love, the story of a woman who discovers the post-breakup dog she got from the shelter was a match-making dog. For two days, I drove from the island to … Continue reading

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So We Bought the Books a House

Kate Flora: Twenty-two years ago, after a very long search, we bought a little cottage by the sea. Partly it was because my husband, who worked too hard, said a place by the sea was the only thing he really wanted. … Continue reading

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As American as a Bailey Island Ice Cream Social

This post ran the first summer of our Maine Crime Writers blog. We’re are now in our eleventh year. The cast of writers changes but the insights into writing, and Maine, and how writers see the world continue. I’m not … Continue reading

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Remembering those Long Ago Maine Summers

Kate Flora: I don’t know why I remember summers more than winters. Was it because school was out and there was so much more time for rambling? Because the days were so long and we could stay outside and play long … Continue reading

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Mainely Writing

Today we introduce you to writer Sharon Dean, whose new mystery is set in Maine. Sharon Dean: Writer Matt Cost lives in Maine and sets his Mainely Mystery series in The Pine Tree State.  We both publish through Encircle Publications located … Continue reading

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An Update on the Meandering Writer’s Mind

Kate Flora: From time to time I get yelled at by my friends, and my readers, for failing to provide updates about my books. Usually, it will be someone who says, “Have I read all your books?” and when I … Continue reading

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