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Raw as an Oyster

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been feeling raw as an oyster these past few months, enough so that I’m listening to podcasts by the TED Talk-famous Brené Brown and trying to parse out feelings about what we’ve lost … Continue reading

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What’s like opening day that doesn’t, a curtain rise that won’t, the new moon that refuses to appear? For an author it is, of course, the book launch that never really happens. Yup, Book Four in my Oceanographer Mara Tusconi … Continue reading

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Forks in the Road: Chosen and Not Chosen

Sandra Neily here. It’s been a month of choices and transitions, of learning, loss, and loving what might be small and also so very huge. I will start with the smaller ones. And then get to Rupert. I’ve made progress … Continue reading

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My Squirrel Regret

I’m in a battle with the squirrels and chipmunks in my neighborhood. They’ve destroyed my patio by digging beneath it. It’s cracked and uneven now. They climb my roof and threaten to nest inside my house. Because of that, I … Continue reading

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Helping With Hunger During the Pandemic

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is, in a word, overwhelming. The scale of our collective loss–especially of lost lives–is so enormous it’s hard to comprehend. Uncertainty about the future affects our mood, our sleep, our plans, our worldview. Still, … Continue reading

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Baseball and the Amateur

One of the reasons I love baseball (and boy-howdy, do I miss lying back in the recliner after a long day of word-wrangling and sinking into those rhythms and sounds), is that for the most part, it’s played by normal-sized … Continue reading

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The Comforts of Routine

Darcy Scott once again, coming to you on Arbor Day with a post that has nothing even remotely to do with trees. April is normally the time we begin readying our sailboat (read summer home) for her annual mid-May launch—a … Continue reading

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