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Win A Book Wednesday July 28th

It’s another Win a Book Wednesday (July 28) here at Maine Crime Writers. Sandra Neily here:   First I need to announce Grace as the winner of my first novel, Deadly Trespass. Apologies to all jumped in promptly, hoping to win. … Continue reading

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A Good Cry & the Do-It-Yourself MFA

Sandra Neily here (also sharing a selection of disparate pics that may wander away a bit) At a library author talk this past week, I was asked how I wrote a novel when I’d only written non-fiction for work. I … Continue reading

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   Translating true events we know something about into a terrific story shouldn’t be hard, right? All the essentials are in hand — what happens plus the characters, the scene, and the plot.  In practice, it is much more challenging … Continue reading

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Foggy Morning, Foggy Writer’s Brain

Kate Flora: It’s another foggy morning on the coast of Maine. The world is damp and gray and because it’s by the sea, still pretty to look at. The patterns on the water are silver and green and brown with … Continue reading

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Not just for kids

One of the many pleasures of having a 5-year old granddaughter is that my wife and I get to do fun things that we couldn’t as unaccompanied adults.  Last week our granddaughter took us to the new Children’s Museum and … Continue reading

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“Where Would You Put The Body” Contest Winners

Well, folks, this is has been very difficult for the judges. It appears that our readers, as a group, have very creative–AND DARK–imaginations. We could have had many more winners, but finally had to choose. So here goes: First Place: … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence and the Crime Novel

I’ve been thinking lately about how future societal developments will impact both criminal activity and the crime novel. In my last blog I spoke about how the coming cashless monetary system will affect criminality and how crime authors will adapt … Continue reading

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Putting Food on the Page

When writing my own stories and reading those written by others, I’m always keen to know what the characters are eating. This has nothing to do with the fact that like many of us in the culinary paradise that is … Continue reading

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Win A Book Wednesday: June 30

It’s Win a Book Wednesday. To enter a drawing for a copy of Sandra Neily’s Deadly Trespass, simply leave a comment below. (“I’ll be giving away one print copy and 5 Kindle copies. Please let me know if you also … Continue reading

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What Would You Put in Your Scent Museum?

Kate Flora: I started thinking about scents and how they connect to memory this morning after a conversation with the plumber. We were talking about living in Maine and he was recounting his different scent memories of summer on the Harpswell … Continue reading

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