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It was a dark and stormy night… or day… remembering is as hard as consistent writing

Ooops! I bet you expected this about 12 hours ago. Sorry! Blame the tryptophan in the turkey. Or that being home all the time makes it hard to remember what day it is. The days just all melt together into … Continue reading

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Sharing Our Holiday Traditions

Today, Maine Crime Writers are sharing some of our holiday traditions and if you have the time and inclination, we’d love to have you, our readers, share some of yours as well. Kate Flora: Thanksgiving on the farm was often the … Continue reading

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Bill Bryson: An Author Driven By Curiosity About Nearly Everything

Of the very few books that are enduring residents on my night table Bill Bryon’s “A History of Nearly Everything” sits right on top. At 500-plus pages, it’s no small read so I’ll have bedtime company for a long while. … Continue reading

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Revenge of the trees

            Early last spring four men and a woman arrived at the house across the road from us in a beat-up pickup and a larger flatbed truck that had also seen better days.  Within minutes they fired up chainsaws and … Continue reading

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Why You’ve Hardly Aged at All

Kate Flora: I began writing seriously when my second son was born. That was when I quit my job to stay home with the boys and immediately panicked. I’d always worked. Now what was I going to do? I thought, optimistically, … Continue reading

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Who Knew? Of Salamanders and Their Service. Well. All Services.

Sandra Neily here: this article was first published in my 2005 “Valuing Nature” column in the Moosehead Messenger. We’re all likely to have a hibernating winter ahead of us. Like salamanders.  Sometime in the spring we can crawl out to … Continue reading

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The Arsenal

A year ago last November I had cataract surgery for both eyes. I stopped driving a couple of months before that—I couldn’t read street signs. Really, I couldn’t read books and magazines even with my progressive lenses, and watching television … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day versus Memorial Day

Vaughn Hardacker here: There are two holidays that always seem to confuse a lot of people. One is Veterans Day (for many years known as Armistice Day) and Memorial Day while both honor our military veterans. They are not the … Continue reading

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Domestic Thrillers

The recent popularity of domestic thrillers in crime fiction begs the question: what exactly is a domestic thriller? More often than not it involves a crime that in some way touches upon a fragile relationship, usually a troubled marriage. The … Continue reading

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A Public Service From Your Friendly Local Mystery Writer

I’m not a morning person, until recently tending to read well into the night, but COVID-19 has been altering that. Beth has difficulty sleeping, so she’s often up around 3 am. I don’t get up that early, but an aging … Continue reading

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