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Obligatory Self-Promotion (scroll past if you like): Hope you’ll join me for a virtual book launch for Sweetie Bogan’s Sorrow, the fifth (!) in the Elder Darrow jazz mystery series. Free parking, goofy prizes, and a chance to help support Project … Continue reading

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Good Grief

I originally had an entirely different, fall-themed post planned for today, but it seems I’m unable to wrest my thoughts from memories of my mother-in-law, Lois, who died seven years ago this month at the well-seasoned age of 87. Seems … Continue reading

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Back at it

After a one-year leave of absence (and thank you for that, Kate!) I’m happy to resume blogging on Maine Crime Writers.  Let me explain why I left and why I’m back.  Last October my wife tripped on a curb in … Continue reading

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A Vocabulary for Fall

Kate Flora: Years ago, my mother’s Christmas gift to me—still a lawyer aspiring to be a writer—a copy of Rodale’s Synonym Finder. Over the years, as I transitioned from lawyer to writer, that book has always lived beside my desk, … Continue reading

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It’s Really Ok to Call Something Stupid

Sandra Neily here: With apologies for crashing into this lovely fall weather with anything sobering (this is not about covid), but maybe after the hottest summer on record in Maine, we can shake loose our brains for something we can … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole without a Ladder

EDITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT TEMPEWYTCH IS MY WINNER! Please contact me at and tell me which Lady Adelaide Mystery you’d like me to send you. Thanks to Kathy Lynn Emerson/Kaitlyn Dunnett and Kate Flora for inviting me to join … Continue reading

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How’s Them Apples

I know it’s not autumn yet but it feels that way. The temperatures here in Maine are quickly dropping, especially at night. It’s noticeable because this past summer has been one of the hottest on record. So this Sunday after … Continue reading

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My Thoughts Are Like Sanderlings, Redux

In early April, when our awareness of the pandemic was still new, I wrote a post consisting of a series of random thoughts. I thought about that post last Sunday while walking the beach late in the afternoon, studying the … Continue reading

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The Origins of American Noir Fiction

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: I’ve been told on several occasions that my novels tend to be noir. Have you ever wondered where the form of crime fiction labelled as noir came from? I have . . . but then I’m … Continue reading

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Our Maine Summer Update

Today, Maine Crime Writers share a photo or two of what we’ve been up to this summer. If you feel like, we’d enjoy it if you would share some of your Maine photos as well. If you aren’t in Maine … Continue reading

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