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The Covefe and Me

Not too much on the crime side to report this month, though I have to say I was seriously bummed by having to cancel my first-time attendance at Left Coast Crime this year. It wasn’t so much that I was … Continue reading

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That Writing Studio Vibe

Darcy Scott: It was during a very hot summer a good number of years back that I started drafting my first novel. I remember sweating profusely as I hunkered over our sailboat’s galley counter fighting to keep the tomatoes from … Continue reading

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Calling the Cops on an Iguana

Kate Flora: My husband and I have gotten in the habit of spending the month of March away from New England to escape from a too long winter. This winter, of course, has not been so bad, but the plans were … Continue reading

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Hey Maine, guess whose birthday we missed in these strange, strange times?

There’s nothing about COVID-19 and everything that’s going on that you haven’t already heard, so I’ll save it except to say that I’ve been a social isolation hobbyist for my entire adult life and I can assure you, you’ll come … Continue reading

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Amazing Agatha Christie

I was rifling through my messy bookcase earlier today when a paperback tumbled onto the floor. I picked up Agatha Christie’s “Death On The Nile” – the one in which vacationing Hercule Poirot solves a murder aboard a streamer on … Continue reading

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Social Distancing in Maine Means ‘Get Out There!’

Sandra Neily here, admitting I’ve put way too many frozen veggies in the freezer. Given how some things are flying off the shelves as people prepare to stay home more, there does not seem to be a run on frozen … Continue reading

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Physics, Reality, Carl Jung and Why I Write

I’ve been in a tiny bit of a rut lately. So I’ve been reading some different things, trying to loosen up my mind, studying quantum physics and the cosmos, catching up on a little Carl Jung. It has interested me … Continue reading

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