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Chained to a Desk in Rural Virginia

Kate Flora: For the next two weeks, I have the pleasure of being a fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. VCCA is a retreat for writers, visual artists, and composers set on a hilltop in lovely Amherst, Virginia, … Continue reading

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My New Novel, THE NEIGHBOR, Set To Release

My new novel THE NEIGHBOR publishes next Tuesday. It’s been a long but enjoyable road getting to this point in the game. Two years since I finished my original draft. Then came my agent’s editorial changes (the incomparable Evan Marshall). … Continue reading

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Jessie: In New Hampshire where the snow has melted sufficiently to expose cheerful clumps of daffodils. I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about technology and social media. With all that has been on the news about privacy violations and … Continue reading

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Scratch That…Or Your trash, My Treasure

If you have read many of my MCW posts, you know I like to create the modern equivalent of alchemy, things like ditch mining for returnables and donating the proceeds to the Hartland Children’s Christmas Fund (turned in $10.60 worth … Continue reading

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Those Chimney Closets … What Were They For?

Lea Wait here. For as long as I remember, I’ve known about chimney closets. We have four in our home — 2 in the bedrooms with fireplaces in the original part of the house, built in 1774, and two in … Continue reading

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So You’re Doing a Library Event?

Kate Flora: A few years ago, we offered an updated version here in honor of National Library Week. Following on our post yesterday, with pictures of some of us at library events, those suggestions appears below. It’s a happy part of … Continue reading

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Crime Writers in the Library

Today, to celebrate National Library Week, Maine crime writers are sharing photos of ourselves in libraries all over the state. Proof, we hope, of what we often say: That as writers, we LOVE Maine libraries and are grateful for the … Continue reading

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