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The Writers’ Ah-hah and Uh-Oh

Like so many these days, I’m not sleeping like I used to. For the most part, it’s not pandemic worries that keep me awake at three in the morning. Instead, it’s what I’ll call “the new book syndrome”. I’m working … Continue reading

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My Joe Biden Story

Many people who lived in the Delaware Valley (southeastern Pennsylvania, southwestern New Jersey, and the state of Delaware) in the 1980s and 1990s have a Joe Biden story.  Here’s mine.  In the early 1980s I was the dean of a … Continue reading

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Poems for You, While I Catch Up

Kate Flora: I am dug deep into a first review of the manuscript of my next book, Not What You Think, with the final edits on the next Joe Burgess procedural, A World of Deceit, waiting for me. With a head so full … Continue reading

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The Body Count

After seven years as a published historical romance author, I started writing the Lady Adelaide cozy mystery series in 2017. All of a sudden, killing seemed so much easier than kissing. Perhaps it was the political climate, or I just … Continue reading

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Whether to Outline Your Novel or Not.

Us writers typically fall into the category of Pantser or Plotter. While some authors claim that we’re equally divided, we certainly don’t live in harmonious union. Don’t get me wrong. Some of my best friends are Plotters and happily reside … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never . . .

Last week my blogmates posted gorgeous photographs of their winter worlds. I tried to add a few of my own, but thanks to the vagaries of WordPress (a blog post all its own) they disappeared into the ether. I was … Continue reading

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Here we are headed into another New Year and in the past few weeks I’ve been slapped in the face by reality. We live an isolated insular existence up here in the county, so far from the rest of the … Continue reading

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Here’s the Blunt Truth: Writing is Hard

Kate Flora: We’re in a new January, in a new year, and for many, those New Year’s resolutions may involve resolving to finally do that writing you’ve always dreamed of. This post is not intended to be discouraging. Those of … Continue reading

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Our Maine Winter

Today, we’re sharing some photos of our Maine winter. Hope you will join us and share some of your own. Sandra Neily: adding Moosehead Lake freeze up, cove at dawn, and well, the dog says it all. l  Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy … Continue reading

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Plotter to Pantser to Driving Through the Dark

If the pandemic and quarantining have done anything for me, it’s forced me into some long-term organization I might not have gotten to otherwise. In the first month of lockdown, I organized my book by major topic categories, then alphabetically … Continue reading

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