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Building Community

We don’t talk about it much, but we writers are all about building community. In this time of strife and struggle, that’s a valuable thing. Last weekend I went to Books in the ‘Brook, a monthly salon for readers and … Continue reading

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Exploring My Ancestors

Vaughn Hardacker here. In 2009 I was laid off by the high tech firm I worked for in Massachusetts (my seventh job in nine years–I left none of them voluntarily) and made the decision to leave New Hampshire and return … Continue reading

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Fall in Maine Through Writers’ Eyes

While we’re all seizing the last gasps of good weather before we retreat to our desks for the winter, we thought we’d share some pictures of fall in Maine, and the things we see and celebrate. At the Coastal Maine … Continue reading

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Saying thank you

At the risk of sounding like the curmudgeon that I no doubt am, I want to raise an issue of etiquette.  Etiquette?  Yep.  But I don’t mean complicated Emily Post stuff like distinguishing between the salad fork and the fish … Continue reading

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The Heirloom Nutmeg

Kate Flora: This past weekend we were visiting friends in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. As we were eating a delicious breakfast coffee cake, the hostess said she thought she could taste a bit of nutmeg. That led me to tell her the story … Continue reading

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The Impossible Transition

This blog was originally written as “Giving Up The Badge” for the Murder-Books Blog, another site to which I contribute. Given the huge response from readers I’ve decided to repost in order to share with the Maine Crime Writer audience. … Continue reading

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Life – Extended?

Last June 17 — about fourteen weeks ago — I was dizzy, and visited the emergency room of a local hospital here in Maine. Twenty-four hours later I was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, metastasized The doctor who gave … Continue reading

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