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Matt Cost, the New Kid on the Block

Hello all, Matt Cost here. I’m the new kid on the block and am going to start off my introduction with a confession. I’m not actually a Mainer. I did not move here until I was eight years old. That … Continue reading

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How to Outline Using the 3-Act Structure

Today’s blogger got bogged down (I almost wrote “Blogged down”) so since we’re all about craft as well as all things Maine, we’re sharing a post about story structure from our blogging alum, Jen Blood: Jen Blood: When I first started writing, … Continue reading

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But …”

Sandra Neily here: If I had to pick a time to avoid open heart surgery like the plague (oops; useless expression these days), I would avoid it now when Maine Medical Center is packed with more Covid patients than any … Continue reading

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Coloring The World With Words

Kate Flora: I’m late with my post today because I’m still recovering from spending the weekend with other humans at the always marvelous New England Crime Bake mystery conference. This year was the 20th anniversary of an event that born … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye

This is going to be a short post. The reason is my father died yesterday. He was eighty-four and finally succumbed from an illness that had been plaguing him for the last two years. He had a long and interesting … Continue reading

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Bloodroot: Best New England Crime Stories 2021

During my teenage years I went through a long period when I immersed myself in the short stories of great writers such as Shirley Jackson, Flannery O’Connor, James Baldwin and John Steinbeck. I read their full-length books as well, devoured … Continue reading

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The Colorful Crescendo Before The Dark

Kate Flora: A thousand years ago, when I was in elementary school, we learned this poem by Nancy Byrd Turner for Halloween. Black And Gold Everything is black and gold, Black and gold, to-night: Yellow pumpkins, yellow moon Yellow candlelight; … Continue reading

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For Halloween? The Scariest Books and Movies Ever

Today, to celebrate Halloween in all its dark glory, we’re sharing some of the scariest books and movies (TV shows count, too) we’ve ever read or seen. We invite you to join in.   John Clark: Books don’t scare me, … Continue reading

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How Laying a Dry Stonewall is Like Writing a Novel

Kate Flora here, apologizing. We were supposed to rerun one of Darcy Scott’s posts yesterday, but someone (me?) got busy clearing out cupboards of anything the mouse might eat and then driving several hours in the rain and became brain dead … Continue reading

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How To Solve A Murder??

 Since crimes of all sorts underlie my books, the NY Times piece “What Improves The Chances Of Solving A Murder?” caught my attention. Huh, I thought. I’m really not sure.  Pause for a moment and guess. A solution in the … Continue reading

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