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Better Homes & Gardens

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero Clay tablets. Papyrus scrolls. The earliest libraries of ancient civilizations were governmental, dedicated to business inventories, state record keeping, and also housed some … Continue reading

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Diving into the Shallow End

The interesting thing about growing older is eventually you realize there’s a lot of stuff you just don’t know. (We won’t mention all the things you’ve forgotten.) One of my greatest regrets? I never took any history classes in college. … Continue reading

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The Author’s Companion

I think most people would agree that writing is a solitary endeavor. I personally need a quiet room, no music, no distractions. The coffee shop and laptop situation is not for me; I’d be too busy people-watching to be productive, … Continue reading

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The Easter Tree

If I am absolutely honest, this past year in captivity has not bothered me as much as it might have. Even before Covid, my kids were worried that I was turning into a hermit. Oh, I took a bath every … Continue reading

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