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Not The Usual Romance Suspects

Dear Readers,  I am reposting my contribution from Valentine’s day for a couple of reasons: 1. people said they liked it and wished it could be up longer and 2. I’ve spent some recent time in the ER and have … Continue reading

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Presidents’ Day Trivia

Susan Vaughan here. I grew up learning the salient facts—and some myths—about presidents of the United States. Rather than rehash that, I delved into little-known or strange facts about some of our presidents. But first, a brief background about this … Continue reading

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Hacking Winter

Life Hack (noun) : Definition of life hack informal : a usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently – Merriam-Webster Dictionary. We didn’t use the term “life hack” when I was … Continue reading

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Winter has me thinking about getting away to somewhere warm. Since I can’t do that right away, I thought I’d revisit a previous trip that yielded both warmth and a research bonanza. I wrote a bit about this in an … Continue reading

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About Maine. Nothing About Impeachment

It’s gotten kind of crazy out there. Time to pull into Maine and appreciate it. Shovel the roof. Get out with the dog and roll in the snow. Read about the some Maine things that matter. Question. What do these … Continue reading

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Whose Story Is It?

Does the title ring a bell with you? The one thing that I battle is Point of View! Yes that thing editors watch closely and the trap many authors fall into–POV. First we must define what POV is. In his … Continue reading

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Christmas Custom–a Shoe In

Susan Vaughan here. I admit it, the title’s a bad pun, but you’ll see shortly why I couldn’t resist. Christmas customs around the world differ in strange and bizarre ways. In the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain, we’re familiar with … Continue reading

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