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How We Lose and How We Find the Wild Maine

This week the undeveloped woods around my northern forest home were posted “No Trespassing.” Gates went up, cameras were leashed to trees, sheriffs were called; everything turned nasty. (Didn’t help that people angry about losing snowmobile access chain sawed their … Continue reading

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Who Is The Main Character In Your Story?

Vaughn Hardacker here.By definition the main character of any story is the one through whose eyes the reader experiences the story. It is the one around whom the problem of the story revolves. It is through the main character that … Continue reading

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When We Feel Alone, We Do Have Good Company

This fall has been a bit rough, salvaged by lots of walks with my dog Raven and visits with divine grandchildren. When I feel very alone with the writing process, or too much time spent with people who only talk … Continue reading

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Journey of a Book

Susan Vaughan here. My next book, Hidden Obsession, will be released this coming Wednesday. Reaching that achievement has been a long journey, eleven years, to be exact. Not that I’ve been writing it that long, but the germ for it … Continue reading

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The River. Thoreau. The Dam … and the River

(Sandra Neily writes) In September I lived at the  Penobscot River for a week. For 35 years I’ve camped by its rapids and under its pines. My husband and I caught landlocked salmon and brook trout, releasing them to shove … Continue reading

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Tree Noise, Eagle Conversations, and Other Delights

This summer, aside from hosting waves of family who treat us to lobster (yum, but am thinking just salads now) and beating back waves of bugs (worst insect season in decades, right?), I’ve been having a genuine outdoors summer: either … Continue reading

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Chemo Tips: No Horror Stories, Please

If you have a friend or family member taking treatment for something serious (and most of us sadly do) and want quick advice, scroll down to Great Hats, Cards, Eating, and especially—Say Only Two Things. Three days after remarrying in … Continue reading

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