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Did you ever wonder how the author of that great mystery or suspense you just finished grabbed you from the very beginning? Creating that hook is something authors of genre fiction, whether mystery or thriller or romance or sci fi … Continue reading

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Forgery or Genuine Fake?

The plot of my new release Genuine Fake involves art forgery. One of the main characters is an artist. She manages the legacy of her famous grandfather, whose art works are being forged. I needed information on many aspects of … Continue reading

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Maine Crime Writers enter the Blogosphere

Today, July 6th, we celebrate ten years of blogging as Maine Crime Writers. The cast of characters is ever changing but the mission remains the same: to make readers aware of the talents and diversity of crime writers in Maine, … Continue reading

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Smart Fish. Tiny Home.

Sandra Neily here:  First the important stuff. As if there weren’t enough barriers writing a novel in a small camper trailer, this morning I mistakenly took the dog’s Benadryl tablets instead of my meds. The fog descended. I have yet to … Continue reading

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At a social event in the distant past when it was possible to attend such things as social events, the woman I was conversing with over our plates of snacks asked excitedly when my next book would be released. I … Continue reading

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So What is the Book About?

Kate Flora: Something I have learned from more than thirty years at the keyboard is that my writing process is always evolving. It is also different for every book. When I wrote my first book—A Matter of the Will—which is … Continue reading

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Book Research Challenges

Book research can mean travel or contacting primary sources or searching online or a combination. Whatever form it takes, I find research always interesting and often fascinating. I have to hold myself back from oversharing in my novels. For Primal … Continue reading

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Who Knew? Of Salamanders and Their Service. Well. All Services.

Sandra Neily here: this article was first published in my 2005 “Valuing Nature” column in the Moosehead Messenger. We’re all likely to have a hibernating winter ahead of us. Like salamanders.  Sometime in the spring we can crawl out to … Continue reading

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Should you read a fiction series in order? The answer is…

So, I somehow just binge-read a 23-book series over the last two months. I’m not sure  how — or even why — and don’t want to delve too deeply into that part of my psyche right now, so this post … Continue reading

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It’s Really Ok to Call Something Stupid

Sandra Neily here: With apologies for crashing into this lovely fall weather with anything sobering (this is not about covid), but maybe after the hottest summer on record in Maine, we can shake loose our brains for something we can … Continue reading

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