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Birds Of a Feather, Not Flocking Together

Sandra Neily here: Good news! Despite birders’ tendency to flock together in groups and share their spotting scopes, birding is actually a fine way to explore the outdoors with a friend or even grand-kids, without getting too close. You can … Continue reading

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My Maine Thing

Susan Vaughan here. Because it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, you probably expect a post about the semi-holiday. Some of this will feature “green” things, but not shamrocks. I’m writing in honor of Maine’s 200th birthday. Maine Public radio is featuring oral … Continue reading

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Winter has me thinking about getting away to somewhere warm. Since I can’t do that right away, I thought I’d revisit a previous trip that yielded both warmth and a research bonanza. I wrote a bit about this in an … Continue reading

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About Maine. Nothing About Impeachment

It’s gotten kind of crazy out there. Time to pull into Maine and appreciate it. Shovel the roof. Get out with the dog and roll in the snow. Read about the some Maine things that matter. Question. What do these … Continue reading

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How We Lose and How We Find the Wild Maine

This week the undeveloped woods around my northern forest home were posted “No Trespassing.” Gates went up, cameras were leashed to trees, sheriffs were called; everything turned nasty. (Didn’t help that people angry about losing snowmobile access chain sawed their … Continue reading

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Who Is The Main Character In Your Story?

Vaughn Hardacker here.By definition the main character of any story is the one through whose eyes the reader experiences the story. It is the one around whom the problem of the story revolves. It is through the main character that … Continue reading

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When We Feel Alone, We Do Have Good Company

This fall has been a bit rough, salvaged by lots of walks with my dog Raven and visits with divine grandchildren. When I feel very alone with the writing process, or too much time spent with people who only talk … Continue reading

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