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Maine Crime Writers enter the Blogosphere

Today, July 6th, we celebrate ten years of blogging as Maine Crime Writers. The cast of characters is ever changing but the mission remains the same: to make readers aware of the talents and diversity of crime writers in Maine, … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Lunch: Seven writing exercises you can do at lunch

 Kate Flora: Rerunning a slightly tweaked version of a post I ran a few years ago. I really wanted to teach a writing class this summer. Alas, the kind of six week class I like to teach didn’t happen. Still, … Continue reading

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What Would You Put in Your Scent Museum?

Kate Flora: I started thinking about scents and how they connect to memory this morning after a conversation with the plumber. We were talking about living in Maine and he was recounting his different scent memories of summer on the Harpswell … Continue reading

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Texting Bees and Other Tales from the Road

Kate Flora: Okay, so maybe the title is a bit misleading, but read on, and you will hear about texting and bees. In March, when we drive to Florida for a month, and during the months from April to October, … Continue reading

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An Alligator Hide over a Baby-Soft Soul

I found this post when I was scrolling through my old files, looking for a story I thought I’d lost. Since it is never a bad idea to remind readers that the writer’s life can be a difficult journey, I … Continue reading

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What Do You Know About Rhubarb?

Kate Flora: I’ve been busy in the gardens, weeding, rearranging plants, and evicting invasives, so today I thought I would share one of my late mother, A. Carman Clark’s, columns with rhubarb lore and recipes. This was originally a column in … Continue reading

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So What is the Book About?

Kate Flora: Something I have learned from more than thirty years at the keyboard is that my writing process is always evolving. It is also different for every book. When I wrote my first book—A Matter of the Will—which is … Continue reading

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What’s Different? The Challenge of Paying Attention

Kate Flora: I’ve written about this before, but being in a new place reminds me again of how important it is for writers to be attuned to our surroundings. As we’ve done for several years, we are spending the month … Continue reading

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And Then I Ran Away . . .

Kate Flora: With a bit of trepidation about Florida’s covid practices (and masking) and with only one Moderna shot for protection, last week Ken and I loaded up the car with shorts and tee shirts and our laptops and flip-flops, and … Continue reading

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Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

Kate Flora: It was one of those days–the days when a blog post is due and my brain felt empty. I started a post. Trashed it. Started another and it was boring. I got up and prowled around my office, which … Continue reading

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