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Seduced to the Natural World

We need nature writing. We need it now more than ever: need to be seduced into the natural world: need to savor what remains or take direction toward finding new landscapes and experiences. We need to manage the grief we … Continue reading

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The Road to Maine was Paved with . . . Words

Please welcome our special guest, Kait Carson, to Maine Crime Writers. Thank you, Maine Crime Writers, for inviting me to blog with you today. I’m an avid reader of this blog. The topics are diverse, and always interesting. I’d also … Continue reading

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The Poets Say It Best

 On these suddenly truncated days when we strive to convince ourselves winter is not rounding the near corner, I’m comforted by poetry that honors this season of transition and all the metaphors it offers.  Here are some of my favorites, … Continue reading

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The Republic of Madawaska

Vaughn Hardacker here: If only all wars could be like the Aroostook War, a boundary dispute fought mostly with fists rather than cannon. The conflict featured a battle broken up by a bear, an arrest over a homemade flag and soldiers … Continue reading

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When it comes to writing, or life, channel a little Bart Simpson

I’ve had an urge for quite a while to start an Instagram account that has photos of towns in Maine named after the world’s great cities. The idea of Athens, Rome, Vienna and more translated to tiny towns with dirt … Continue reading

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I’ve posted a version of this article before, but I’ve updated it. So here goes. I’ve set eight of my published novels in Maine and the state is also the setting of my work in progress, a blend of romantic … Continue reading

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What I Did on My Vacation

I hope this will not seem like the proverbial student September essay. My husband and I recently escaped gray and frozen Maine for two weeks in Florida, aptly nicknamed the Sunshine State. We saw only a few clouds our entire … Continue reading

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It’s Fall In The County

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: Earlier this month my partner Jane and I decided to fire up the ATV and embark on our annual Leaf Peep Excursion into the north Maine woods.  I would like to say that this years experience was … Continue reading

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You probably expected a post about Columbus or Indigenous Peoples Day. So many other people will write about those subjects so I’m giving them a pass. I’d rather share the varied aspects of autumn I enjoy, even relish. So… autumn … Continue reading

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Putting Food on the Page

When writing my own stories and reading those written by others, I’m always keen to know what the characters are eating. This has nothing to do with the fact that like many of us in the culinary paradise that is … Continue reading

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