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Weird Gardening: Ticks, Slugs, Cats, and Beetles

Sandy Neily here, trying to keep slugs off my petunias. A few years ago, writing for a regional paper, I went looking for unusual garden tips, first interviewing Joanne Suley, a spunky Skillins Greenhouses instructor. “People are just going to … Continue reading

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Susan Vaughan here. At the Maine Crime Wave conference earlier this month, I attended a craft session entitled “Yes, You, Too, Can Write Killer Plots,” taught by the amazing Gayle Lynds, award-winning thriller writer extraordinaire. I write romantic suspense, a … Continue reading

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Return Of Maine’s State Bird

I’ve just finished cutting the grass on my .85 acre back yard. It was an exciting experience in that I was swarmed by our state bird, the Simulium trifasciatum–better known as the blackfly. Experts say that blackfly season runs from … Continue reading

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Screaming for Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. And scream they did, all those grass-stained Little Leaguers who crowded into the ice cream shop where I worked summers during high school, clamoring for chocolate, strawberry and peppermint stick. … Continue reading

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Another livin’ in Maine roadtrip and cool stuff

I’ve recently started, when I have time, taking long road trips on a weekend day to parts of the state I haven’t been to in a while, or ever. My trip a couple weekends ago was to semi-familiar territory: the … Continue reading

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Maine’s Coast for the Proletariat: The Rest of Us

 Over 97% of Maine’ s coast is privately owned and much of that is behind lots of signs telling us we can’t go there. How on earth are the rest of us to get to salt water? Enter the Maine … Continue reading

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Springtime Rituals

I filed my tax returns yesterday, went to the main post office in Portland, walked into the circa 1932 building and put them in the big chute mailbox, just like I did before there was an internet. Tradition can be … Continue reading

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