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It’s Fall In The County

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: Earlier this month my partner Jane and I decided to fire up the ATV and embark on our annual Leaf Peep Excursion into the north Maine woods.  I would like to say that this years experience was … Continue reading

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You probably expected a post about Columbus or Indigenous Peoples Day. So many other people will write about those subjects so I’m giving them a pass. I’d rather share the varied aspects of autumn I enjoy, even relish. So… autumn … Continue reading

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Putting Food on the Page

When writing my own stories and reading those written by others, I’m always keen to know what the characters are eating. This has nothing to do with the fact that like many of us in the culinary paradise that is … Continue reading

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My Five Reasons…

As a writer of romantic suspense, along with being a member of Maine Crime Writers and Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, I’m also a member of the Maine Romance Writers. MRW’s newsletter occasionally has a feature called “My Five,” in … Continue reading

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Fishing in Siberia. Best Lottery Ticket Ever. And George.

Sandra Neily here: I see that another Maine Crime Writer has written about George Smith who does deserve lots of attention and accolades. He was a good friend and I have some good George stories. But first, in honor of … Continue reading

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Grouches, Crabs, & Pooches

Today is Presidents Day. I noted in checking through my past posts that my assigned date last year fell also on Presidents Day. In 2020, I wrote about presidential trivia. So rather than repeat, I’ll mention it briefly and move … Continue reading

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Here we are headed into another New Year and in the past few weeks I’ve been slapped in the face by reality. We live an isolated insular existence up here in the county, so far from the rest of the … Continue reading

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Feeling blue? The you-know-what that starts with p got you down? You aren’t alone. Liquor sales are up. Many people report insomnia, lack of interest in activities they previously did daily or weekly, and downright depression. I know at least … Continue reading

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Book Research Challenges

Book research can mean travel or contacting primary sources or searching online or a combination. Whatever form it takes, I find research always interesting and often fascinating. I have to hold myself back from oversharing in my novels. For Primal … Continue reading

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Who Knew? Of Salamanders and Their Service. Well. All Services.

Sandra Neily here: this article was first published in my 2005 “Valuing Nature” column in the Moosehead Messenger. We’re all likely to have a hibernating winter ahead of us. Like salamanders.  Sometime in the spring we can crawl out to … Continue reading

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