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The Mystery of Miron Gonzalous Hornbeck

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here. One of the nice things about being semi-retired is having the time to work at solving some of the mysteries hanging on my family tree. Since I’m not famous enough to be on Finding Your … Continue reading

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What’s the Point… of View?

I’ve been reading more widely than usual lately—thrillers, a variety of mysteries, literary fiction—as well as romantic suspense novels, which is what I write. One thing I have been paying attention to (a bother with being a writer as well … Continue reading

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Fiction Does Truth … Better

“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” Ralph Waldo Emerson “There is no doubt fiction makes a better job of the truth.” Doris Lessing “Fiction is the lie that tells the truth.” (From the article, “Truth in Fiction: 3 Lessons from … Continue reading

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I’ve posted a version of this article before, but I’ve updated it. So here goes. I’ve set eight of my published novels in Maine and the state is also the setting of my work in progress, a blend of romantic … Continue reading

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The Dogs of War. Are Family.

  THE DOGS OF WAR …are family. This post is really a photo essay with links you can use to support animal rescue operations and refugee pet owners.            Sandra Neily here: Every time, I see … Continue reading

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Matt Cost, the New Kid on the Block

Hello all, Matt Cost here. I’m the new kid on the block and am going to start off my introduction with a confession. I’m not actually a Mainer. I did not move here until I was eight years old. That … Continue reading

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Did you ever wonder how the author of that great mystery or suspense you just finished grabbed you from the very beginning? Creating that hook is something authors of genre fiction, whether mystery or thriller or romance or sci fi … Continue reading

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Forgery or Genuine Fake?

The plot of my new release Genuine Fake involves art forgery. One of the main characters is an artist. She manages the legacy of her famous grandfather, whose art works are being forged. I needed information on many aspects of … Continue reading

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Maine Crime Writers enter the Blogosphere

Today, July 6th, we celebrate ten years of blogging as Maine Crime Writers. The cast of characters is ever changing but the mission remains the same: to make readers aware of the talents and diversity of crime writers in Maine, … Continue reading

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Or is it Castles in the Air? After that homebound year of 2020, I’m wishing for a trip to somewhere scenic and abroad. But even though my husband and I are both vaccinated, traveling is still a problematic proposition. So … Continue reading

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