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Living the Dream: The Writers’ Life

Authors write. No doubt about it. But in today’s world we also blog, speak at conferences, bookstores, libraries and schools, post on social media, send newsletters or notes to fans, and appear in venues as varied as 2500 person auditoriums … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Year

By Noel Farquar, author of The Mean Streets and Fire Hydrants of Chicago, Ballou O’Brien Mystery#1 January: So full of happy expectations for the New Year. Must complete 85,000 word second-in-series mystery by November. First-in-series Amazon ranking currently 211,111 on … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Writers by Barbara Ross

So my mom died. I’ll write about that someday, probably soon, but I’m not ready. What I want to write about is the incredible kindness of writers. One of the things I loved about my corporate life was working with … Continue reading

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The Glamorous Life of the Author by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Many people come up to me and say, “Hey! Julia! What’s it like being the glamorous author of bestselling mysteries?” I usually just draw my full-length mink closer to myself and hurry past, but occasionally I like to share glimpses … Continue reading

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