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What Veterans Day Means To Me

Vaughn Hardacker here: I have been sitting here watching the news on my local television station. Due to the upcoming Veterans Day holiday they have been running a seriesĀ of commercials featuring veterans and each of them spoke about lost comrades … Continue reading

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Who Is The Main Character In Your Story?

Vaughn Hardacker here.By definition the main character of any story is the one through whose eyes the reader experiences the story. It is the one around whom the problem of the story revolves. It is through the main character that … Continue reading

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Hard Lessons

Vaughn HardackerĀ here. Since my wife passed (thirteen years ago on October 16) I have dreaded October and the feelings it invoked. Well, September has surpassed it by far. On September 3, 2017, my youngest grandson died from injuries incurred in … Continue reading

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Traveling Wall Comes to Aroostook County

Vaughn C. Hardacker here. If you are a follower of this blog you know that I am a veteran of the Vietnam War. It has been over fifty years since I returned from Southeast Asia like many of my fellow … Continue reading

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Return Of Maine’s State Bird

I’ve just finished cutting the grass on my .85 acre back yard. It was an exciting experience in that I was swarmed by our state bird, the Simulium trifasciatum–better known as the blackfly. Experts say that blackfly season runs from … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Fifty three years ago June 30, 1966. I entered the gates of the U. S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island South Carolina. I don’t have to tell you that Parris Island has a reputation for being tough–Full Metal … Continue reading

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The Best Little Known Conference In New England

A few years back I attended a single day writer conference in Portland, Maine. I walked into the room expecting to see a bunch of strangers–wrong! I immediately saw Kate Flora and several writers I knew from my years as … Continue reading

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