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The writing process: getting stuck on the detals

As we know, writers are frequently asked where they get their ideas. As we also know, and have discussed extensively on this blog, the answer is varied and endless. After years of being asked it, I have a fairly concise … Continue reading

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Where do writers get their ideas? Try right outside your door

As anyone who reads this blog, or anything written by any writers anywhere, knows, one of the top questions for fiction writers is… wait for it… “Where do you get your ideas?” We’ve discussed this before. You know we have. … Continue reading

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Watching true crime TV is good for your writing. Honest.

I have a lot of reasons for not getting far with my new book. Actually, I got semi-far, but the hard drive on my laptop died, and while I thought I’d saved the book to the cloud, I apparently didn’t. … Continue reading

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