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Chained to a Desk in Rural Virginia

Kate Flora: For the next two weeks, I have the pleasure of being a fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. VCCA is a retreat for writers, visual artists, and composers set on a hilltop in lovely Amherst, Virginia, … Continue reading

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You’re probably wondering where Lea Wait is, since she was originally scheduled to blog today. As of Monday, she was still without Internet or cable at her home in Lincoln County. You know—from that little windstorm we had here in … Continue reading

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The part of the writing process that makes people run screaming

The writing process is a weird and wonderful thing. Every writer has his or her own process. Want to know what a writer’s process is? Just ask, writers will talk about it endlessly. It’s similar to when you ask a … Continue reading

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The writing process: Don’t try this at home, kids

My Crime Writer colleague Brendan Rielly a week ago confessed he’d been too busy to write. I was relieved. Misery sure does love company. And I know the rule of writing is that YOU MUST FIND TIME TO WRITE NO … Continue reading

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How Agatha Christie helped me get my dishes done (and my book written)

Hi, Maureen here, NOT suffering from writer’s block. Not that you thought I was, but anyone following my progress on the second book in the Bernie O’Dea mystery series, “No News is Bad News,” may think it because it’s…taking…so…long. Writer’s … Continue reading

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Hi. Barb here. Before starting this post, I looked back, and almost every one of us Maine Crime Writers has written a post about the beginning of the writing process. (And Lea Wait, I’d like to thank you for the … Continue reading

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The Terror That Is Mystery Writing

Or any other writing, for that matter. Gerry Boyle here, and I don’t mean Stephen King-style terror, that holds readers in its irresistible grip. I mean the terror that’s turned the other way and gets you, the writer, by the … Continue reading

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