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The writing process: Don’t try this at home, kids

My Crime Writer colleague Brendan Rielly a week ago confessed he’d been too busy to write. I was relieved. Misery sure does love company. And I know the rule of writing is that YOU MUST FIND TIME TO WRITE NO … Continue reading

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How Agatha Christie helped me get my dishes done (and my book written)

Hi, Maureen here, NOT suffering from writer’s block. Not that you thought I was, but anyone following my progress on the second book in the Bernie O’Dea mystery series, “No News is Bad News,” may think it because it’s…taking…so…long. Writer’s … Continue reading

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Hi. Barb here. Before starting this post, I looked back, and almost every one of us Maine Crime Writers has written a post about the beginning of the writing process. (And Lea Wait, I’d like to thank you for the … Continue reading

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The Terror That Is Mystery Writing

Or any other writing, for that matter. Gerry Boyle here, and I don’t mean Stephen King-style terror, that holds readers in its irresistible grip. I mean the terror that’s turned the other way and gets you, the writer, by the … Continue reading

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