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Barbara Ross is the author of six Maine Clambake Mysteries: Clammed Up, Boiled Over, Musseled Out, Fogged Inn, Iced Under and Stowed Away. You can visit her website at

A Cozy Gathering in Portland, Maine

by Barb, who is finally back home in Portland Last night, Kensington Publishing and Print: A Bookstore combined to host a Cozy Mystery mini-con in Portland, with support from Thorndike Press, the Maine-based publisher of large print books. Maine Crime … Continue reading

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Four Maine Crime Writers and Lots of Friends in Portland, Maine on April 10

by Barb who is trying to figure out what weird meals to put together with the remaining ingredients in the refrigerator as we prepare to leave Key West On April 10, from 7 to 9 pm Lea, Kathy/Kaitlyn, Jessie/Jessica, and … Continue reading

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Doin’ Nuthin’

by Barb, who’s been enjoying a glorious February in Key West I handed in the manuscript for the seventh Maine Clambake Mystery, as well as the manuscript for my second holiday novella, on February 1. It has been a crazy … Continue reading

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How I Really Spent My First Maine Winter

Hi. Barb here. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know Brenda Buchanan and I have been having a bit of a good-natured back and forth about the virtues of Maine in the winter time. She maintains it … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Year

Hi folks–I’m on a February 1, double deadline, so today I’m rerunning an old favorite. See you next time. Barb A Writer’s Year By Noel Farquar, author of The Mean Streets and Fire Hydrants of Chicago, Ballou O’Brien Mystery#1 January: … Continue reading

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Moving to Maine, Part 2

Move to Maine they said. It’s not as cold and snowy as you think, they said. The ocean mitigates the temperature on the coast, they said. To which I say, “HA!” Actually, I’m not in Maine. We’re on our annual … Continue reading

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Stowed Away Released

by Barb in Virginia enjoying the holidays with family Yesterday was the release day for the sixth Maine Clambake Mystery, Stowed Away. The book takes place in Busman’s Harbor as an enormous motor yacht waits for a major retrofit in … Continue reading

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