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It's summertime in Maine and the readin' is easy

If it’s summer, it’s reading season! Actually, if you’re like me, any time is reading season. Or, with pesky things like work getting in the way, want-to-read season. But there’s something about summer, especially if you live in Maine, that … Continue reading

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How Stephen King (and my mom) helped me become a published writer

Hi all, Maureen Milliken here in my first official Maine Crime Writers post, though I’ve been a guest a couple times. My entry into this excellent community of mystery writers comes a little less than two weeks before my debut … Continue reading

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Mystery or thriller? What’s the difference?

James Hayman: These days, like most of the other writers who contribute to this blog, I’m frequently invited by bookstores, book discussion groups and public libraries to discuss the art and the craft of writing crime fiction. In fact, I’ll … Continue reading

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A First Timer’s Take on the Crime Bake

John Clark here: It’s easy to rationalize not going to conferences: The dog needs someone to let him out, it’s too far/expensive, I won’t know anyone, everyone’s more successful. Fact is, none of these excuses help one become a better … Continue reading

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Cooks For Books

Jim Hayman:  I don’t know whether it’s something in the air or in the water or whether, as is more likely, it grows out of the general culture of the place. But, for a state with just over a million … Continue reading

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Online Piracy: It’s Way Past Time to do Something About It.

Jim Hayman:   Do writers, musicians and film-makers deserve to be paid for their work? I think most people would agree that they do.  Does anyone have the right to create electronic versions of someone else’s work and sell it or … Continue reading

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Making the Best of Bad Situations

Vicki here on this January Tuesday, reflecting about a few experiences from last year. I wish I could say that my three trips to hospitals in 2011 were merely visits of the information-gathering sort. You know, field trips to soak … Continue reading

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“Hey, it’s fiction. Who cares if it’s accurate?”

By James Hayman The summer before last I attended an International Thriller Writers get-together at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan.  One of the better-attended sessions over the three days of the conference was an interview and discussion with Harlan … Continue reading

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