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Win a Book Wednesday: August 4, 2021

Today’s offering for “Win a Book Wednesday” is a chance to win a download of the audiobook edition of Kaitlyn Dunnett’s new Deadly Edits Mystery, Murder, She Edited. The series features a retired teacher turned book doctor, Mikki Lincoln, as … Continue reading

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Fiction and Truth. Not an Oxymoron

Fiction and Truth Sandra Neily here, encouraging readers and authors to feel good about fiction and truth. It’s a mystery to me why essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote these lines: “Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” I’m just grateful that … Continue reading

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Centipedes of the Mind, or Forget Fiction, Reality has Quite A Bite.

  Happy Halloween from the MCW Crew! John Clark sharing an accumulation of things blog members and librarians passed on to me that have scared them spitless at some point in their life. We start off with Sister Kate Flora’s … Continue reading

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The Death of Local News, or if you want to get away with murder, come to Hartland.

As time goes by, I miss writing for the Sebasticook Valley Weekly more and more. It was a local weekly published in Newport and my first encounter with it was when Brenda Seekins, the editor, stopped by the library and … Continue reading

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Terror On Smuttynose Island

Smuttynose Island VAUGHN HARDACKER here. Once again I am returning to the realm of true crime. The Islands of the Shoals lie six miles off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and many people believe that they are in New … Continue reading

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A First Timer’s Take on the Crime Bake

John Clark here: It’s easy to rationalize not going to conferences: The dog needs someone to let him out, it’s too far/expensive, I won’t know anyone, everyone’s more successful. Fact is, none of these excuses help one become a better … Continue reading

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Getting Inside Their Heads

James Hayman:  As crime writers we commit murder all the time. Sometimes we do it in almost unimaginably brutal ways. For example, in my first book, The Cutting, I killed three of my victims by having their beating hearts cut … Continue reading

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A Perfect Roast Chicken

James Hayman:  The other night my wife, Jeanne, and I and a few friends had dinner at a small, crowded French bistro we all like on Portland’s Longfellow Square called Petite Jacqueline.  What I ordered was nothing fancy. Just a … Continue reading

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“Hey, it’s fiction. Who cares if it’s accurate?”

By James Hayman The summer before last I attended an International Thriller Writers get-together at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan.  One of the better-attended sessions over the three days of the conference was an interview and discussion with Harlan … Continue reading

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