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Never Assume Something Is wasted

John Clark on a manic writing binge. Remember the heated pool from my Places of Power post? Something else kicked the creativity from my mornings in hot water into overdrive. I’m not making any attempt to sell you something, but … Continue reading

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Right Up There With Al, Leslie and Tex

John Clark on an unusual geographic phenomenon, one found only in Maine and Vermont. I’m talking gores which are described thusly. “A gore is an irregular parcel of land, as small as a triangle of median in a street intersection … Continue reading

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Getting A ‘Read’ on Young Adult Fiction-Early Spring Edition

John Clark sharing some of the great young adult fiction titles recently published. There have been so many, I can’t keep up with them, although not for lack of trying. Here are thumbnail reviews of recent reads that impressed me. … Continue reading

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They Exist: Here’s One of Mine

If you’re my age, you probably recognize the name Carlos Castaneda. He wrote several books starting with The teachings of Don Juan; a Yaqui way of knowledge, in 1968. I was attending Arizona State University at the time it was … Continue reading

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Getting a Read on 2020

John Clark deliberately ignoring the clusterdiddle in the capitol. If I’m going to look back, I’d rather look at something brighter. I had 4 stories published (two in the 2020 BOULD Anthology, one in Stop The World-Stories of the Pandemic … Continue reading

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Deja Noel

It’s been twenty years, but we still shy away from talking about the last Christmas Eve of the 20th Century. Who could blame us. Ya think rational folks would believe three aging guys from a small town in rural Maine … Continue reading

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“Son, can you play me a memory?”

John Clark on memories of Sennebec Hill Farm, some recent, others not. I was going to sum up my November hunting season today, but when I got up this morning, I was in a bit of a nostalgic mood, probably … Continue reading

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A Public Service From Your Friendly Local Mystery Writer

I’m not a morning person, until recently tending to read well into the night, but COVID-19 has been altering that. Beth has difficulty sleeping, so she’s often up around 3 am. I don’t get up that early, but an aging … Continue reading

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Fern Gagne was under the weather. It was an expression he’d used and heard others use many times in his 53 years, but it was never like this. This was hellaciously serious and he doubted any physician, especially in rural … Continue reading

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Like A Birch Tree

John Clark sharing recent contemplations in this strangest of years. Like most of those blogging on MCW, I’ve had to look at events and circumstances on almost a daily basis in order to stay safe and sane. Unexpected changes have … Continue reading

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