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Have I Been Looking At Things Backwards?

Vaughn Hardacker here: In 2002 I realized that there was more to writing than just sitting down and putting words onto a page. I had to learn the craft. One of the first things I learned was that every story, … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Surprise

Vaughn Hardacker here: The one of the negatives of living up here in the COUNTY is the lack of bookstores. It has been a couple of years since Mr. Paperback closed both of its county stores, leaving us with Walmart (a limited … Continue reading

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Cooks For Books

Jim Hayman:  I don’t know whether it’s something in the air or in the water or whether, as is more likely, it grows out of the general culture of the place. But, for a state with just over a million … Continue reading

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Maine Literary Awards To Include Awards for Crime and Sci Fi.

Jim Hayman:  Last week Josh Bodwell, the talented and energetic young Executive Director of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, sent out a press release announcing that nominations for MWPA’s 2012 Maine Literary Awards were open and that submissions will … Continue reading

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“In the beginning…” A Compilation of Some of My Favorite Opening Lines.

By James Hayman You can’t beat a great first line or maybe first paragraph.  Do it right and you’ll sell a zillion books and maybe even get quoted in a blog. Do it wrong and it won’t matter because, most … Continue reading

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A Conversation with James Hayman

Thriller fans have gotten to know Portland Police Department Detectives Michael McCabe and Magie Savage through James Hayman’s edge of the seat thrillers The Cutting and The Chill of Night.  Here’s a closer look at Hayman himself. Barb Ross:  In … Continue reading

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Casting Aspersions: Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher???? Yikes.

By James Hayman Before I started writing novels, I wrote, produced and cast about a zillion TV commercials for clients like Ford, the US Army, Merrill Lynch and a bunch of other less glamorous clients including Tide detergent.  I always … Continue reading

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