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I Loves Me Some Subversion

John Clark looking at how young adult fiction is in a sea change, one that, if widely known, would have the book banners crapping their undies. As regular readers of this blog know, I read and review a lot of … Continue reading

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Meet Brian Katcher

John Clark interviewing friend and fellow librarian Brian Katcher whose newest book is set in Maine. You’re a school library media specialist in Missouri, but you’ve had some interesting travels if I remember correctly. What stands out the most? I … Continue reading

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The Alternate Creativity-Reading

John Clark, back to sharing some YA book reviews, partially inspired by a photo I saw online. I could live to 750 and still never read every book I think is intriguing. There could be worse fates I’m sure. Since … Continue reading

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Last Minute Reading Gifts, Anyone?

John Clark with a bunch of YA book suggestions in case you’re looking for a gift for a teen, or YA fiction-loving adult. These are some of the best out of the 237 I’ve read thus far in 2021. Monsters … Continue reading

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Why I Review

John Clark on why I review books. I have no idea how many books I’ve read, but I’d be safe saying it’s above five thousand since I was able to read unassisted. To put things in perspective, the number I’ve … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Education and a Rant

John Clark: I’ve just finished the rough draft for what is my 13th book (either written or in some form of completion). Don’t Say It began four years ago as the following concept: Thirteen year old boy with OCD which … Continue reading

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Cover Story

John Clark playing around with cover possibilities for several YA books. What do you think? What happens when a somewhat shy teenager discovers an injured eagle, then finds out it’s really the god Thor who has been trapped by other … Continue reading

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A Full House of YA Excellence

John Clark sharing five young adult books that are all stellar in different ways. Three are in a series with the final book coming out late last week, just in time for me to write this post. Another describes hardscrabble … Continue reading

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I Need More Space!

John Clark here: I know I wrote about downsizing, something I’m continuing to do, but I really need more space and that’s not a contradiction in terms by any means. I mean more juvenile and young adult space opera/science fiction. … Continue reading

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Something YA This Way Comes

John Clark reflecting on some recent reads. One of the beauties of good fiction is its power to go beyond simply entertaining the reader. Some books have the power to stick and get readers to do some fairly serious thinking. … Continue reading

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