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Meet Brian Katcher

John Clark interviewing friend and fellow librarian Brian Katcher whose newest book is set in Maine. You’re a school library media specialist in Missouri, but you’ve had some interesting travels if I remember correctly. What stands out the most? I … Continue reading

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An Appreciation of Brian Katcher

Brian and I have never met, although we’ve exchanged emails a couple times. Still, we share a profession, that of librarianship. He’s a school librarian, I’m in the public sector. It’s clear from reading his blogging that he cares a … Continue reading

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Missouri Compromise Void, Maine Re-annexed by Massachusetts

In a surprise move yesterday, the State of Missouri announced that it is “consciously uncoupling” from the United States. “With a congressional approval rating of 12.5% and a presidential approval rating of 41%, we thought it was time to reassess … Continue reading

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