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Strange Days (Doors Optional)

John Clark starting 2018 with a look at four recently published young adult titles. I’ll venture to say that YA authors are pushing the envelope further than most other genres…So far and so fast that Nancy Drew would probably need … Continue reading

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The Best Destination

John Clark with a shorter than usual (for me) post. I don’t have a lot of hobbies. Golf, skiing, water craft and snowmobiling don’t interest me. Gardening does, but doesn’t cost much, sweepstaking tends to pay for itself, so I … Continue reading

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Nancy Drew in the Rear View Mirror

John Clark with a look at how YA female protagonists have changed as I look at three recently published books. For years, I’ve joked that Nancy Drew, but Tom was Swifter. That’s not so true in contemporary YA fiction. Take … Continue reading

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A Shout-Out and Thoughts on a New Trend

John Clark congratulating Brian Katcher on his new book Deacon Locke Went To Prom. This is his fifth book and combines funny with emotional. In addition to writing, Brian is a school librarian in Missouri. Here’s a brief description” “Promposals … Continue reading

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Get your YA YAs

John Clark talking about YA fiction. It’s no secret I love the genre and read extensively in it. There are days I discover so many interesting new books, I despair of ever reading them all. My appetite for it is … Continue reading

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Double Gut Punch

John Clark looking at a couple recent young adult titles that exemplify how strongly the genre is addressing changes in the way teens look at the world, each other and their peers. If you’re my age or thereabouts, you probably … Continue reading

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A Sneak Peek and some really good books for your TBR Pile (With a Rant in Between)

John Clark sharing the cover and an author picture of Holly Schindler (http://hollyschindler.com/) as part of her reveal for the forthcoming YA book Spark due next May. She also has a new contemporary and funny ebook out called Fifth Avenue … Continue reading

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Meet Some Fellow Travelers

John Clark posting today Regular readers of this blog do so for many reasons. They may be friends with someone who contributes, they may be lovers of mystery or lovers of Maine or they may simply like what we post. … Continue reading

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When a book completely nails it

John Clark talking about the effect one book had on me a couple weeks ago and why. Looking back, perhaps one of the quotes that best describes the ’60s for me would be the opening lines of A Tale of … Continue reading

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Transitions Isn’t Just a Term For Fancy Lenses

First a couple of housekeeping details. I said I would share what my April Fools prank was for this year. It turned out to be on me. My granddaughter Piper sent home a cold through my wife who takes care … Continue reading

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