Cover Story

John Clark playing around with cover possibilities for several YA books. What do you think?

What happens when a somewhat shy teenager discovers an injured eagle, then finds out it’s really the god Thor who has been trapped by other jealous gods in the eagle’s body. Thor must have the boy and his newfound friend a female camp counselor from inner city Philadelphia cross into the mythic world and steal his hammer in order to be freed.


When an accomplished high school dancer loses use of her lower body when her horse is spooked by a partridge, her life seems bleak. Enter a Greek undergod in charge of dance who falls for her. When he caves under the pressure of her request to confront the gods on Olympus, she must find another way to approach to regain her mobility.

It’s a long way from the California coast to a stately home in Machias, Maine. Couple the journey with secrets your mother refuses to share, falling in love with an online photo in a yearbook and pursuit through the blueberry barrens by sinister associates of your estranged father and what do you do?

When a boy who lost one of his eyes because the family had no health care, discovers a stunningly beautiful girl eating from the dumpster behind the food court where he works, what sort of chemistry will happen? Ginger has run from the mental health treatment her well-meaning, but clueless parents keep imposing on her, but how will the growing romance between these two teens deal with her illness and another unexpected factor?


It’s 1969 and Marcy-Jo Parmenter is about to enter her senior year of high school. Frustrated by how girls and women are treated, her life seems pretty confined, but when she meets Robin, a most unusual guy at her Saturday evening AA meeting, it’s just the beginning of an odyssey that will involve high school rebellion, buying a blueberry field, supernatural visits with her deceased grandmother and an initially frightening discovery that ends up sending her on a completely unexpected path.

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5 Responses to Cover Story

  1. kaitlynkathy says:

    Hi, John. The photo images work, but here are a couple of suggestions from my own recent experiences. Bigger print on the individual titles and your name—they’re hard to read—and lose the By. Also, the covers need to be turned so they are book-shaped, which will also give you room for smaller print for a quote or hook if you want one. I would definitely read #2 and #3, just from your plot summary.

    • John Clark says:

      Thank you Kathy. These are far from finished covers and I agree the font needs work. I posted them as much for personal motivation as anything.

  2. Julianne Spreng says:

    Definitely agree with Kathy. Turn the cover photos. Enlarge the Print. Play with and mix fonts. There are many interesting possibilities. And lose the By. It’s understood. Remember you’re trying to interest teens. If you don’t catch them in an instant, you’ve lost them.

    I’d read all of them.

    • Julianne Spreng says:

      Forgot to mention, the photo of the bridge is excellent. Would be an excellent visual
      lead for the Thor story as well as the dancer in #2. From one realm to another.

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