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John Clark sharing a very personal experience. By now you have seen the stories regarding the leaked documents from the supreme court regarding Roe VS Wade and the sense that the justices are leaning heavily toward abolishing that landmark decision. … Continue reading

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Who Loves Ya Baby?

John Clark with his retired librarian hat on today. The following comment was posted on the Maine library listserv a week back in response to a job posting for a part-time masters level library position. I share it as a … Continue reading

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Fatigue…And Not

John Clark with a split column today. Covid…Invective…Constant bombardment from everyone wanting your loyalty and your money. Welcome to 2022. I’ve been off social media for all but a very few instances for more than a year. I’ve survived the … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever, Supply Chain Woes and The ASS

I knew it was time to go on a road trip when Mother threw her hair dryer through our big screen TV. Granted she’d taken a hammer to the radio in the kitchen the day before when her favorite program … Continue reading

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With Sufficient Frosting, Even a Shoe Looks Like Cake

The following alert was issued on the morning of February 3rd by the Waterville police: “City police are searching for the sanity of a local resident. The wife of John Clark, age 73 of Waterville, hasn’t seen her husband’s sanity … Continue reading

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In the Beginning

John Clark playing with beginnings. I’m aware that many writers I know, or follow through online blogs are feeling the funk of an extended pandemic. I have no such problem, at least in terms of short stories. I’m particularly pleased … Continue reading

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Brothers in Kind

They were passing acquaintances. The older man would nod when he saw him crossing the road, or when they met in the man’s orchard. He sensed an aura of sadness whenever they crossed paths and had once overheard the retired … Continue reading

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Last Minute Reading Gifts, Anyone?

John Clark with a bunch of YA book suggestions in case you’re looking for a gift for a teen, or YA fiction-loving adult. These are some of the best out of the 237 I’ve read thus far in 2021. Monsters … Continue reading

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We Got Outta Dodge

  John Clark sharing tales and photos from our recent jaunt through six western states. When the dip in COVID cases came back in May, Beth and I decided it was time to take a vacation outside Maine. I was … Continue reading

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Why I Review

John Clark on why I review books. I have no idea how many books I’ve read, but I’d be safe saying it’s above five thousand since I was able to read unassisted. To put things in perspective, the number I’ve … Continue reading

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