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I Loves Me Some Subversion

John Clark looking at how young adult fiction is in a sea change, one that, if widely known, would have the book banners crapping their undies. As regular readers of this blog know, I read and review a lot of … Continue reading

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When All We Had Was Q

John Clark with my thoughts on Pride Month. I grew up in a small Maine town where the only minority group I knew about was my classmate Nancy Simmons…She was Catholic. That’s how isolated and unaware we were in the … Continue reading

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Double Gut Punch

John Clark looking at a couple recent young adult titles that exemplify how strongly the genre is addressing changes in the way teens look at the world, each other and their peers. If you’re my age or thereabouts, you probably … Continue reading

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An Appreciation of Brian Katcher

Brian and I have never met, although we’ve exchanged emails a couple times. Still, we share a profession, that of librarianship. He’s a school librarian, I’m in the public sector. It’s clear from reading his blogging that he cares a … Continue reading

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