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Your Friends Tell You What You Need To Hear

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: As many readers of this blog know, I live further north than any other contributor to this blog. This can be a problem when you hate winter. All of my memories of growing up in Caribou, … Continue reading

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When The Next Scene Eludes You

Kate Flora: Fall, with the crisp air and vibrant colors, always inspires me to write. Or it did until recently. Lately, I seem to have the attention span of a gnat and the creativity of a knothole. Probably not something … Continue reading

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A friend dropped by on his way to his in-progress place on the Airline yesterday. While catching up, he commented on the previous generation’s tendency to hoard and how long it takes to go through stuff after they die. That … Continue reading

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When Writer’s Block Becomes Fun

John Clark sharing a serendipitous moment that happened back in May and what followed. Our younger daughter Lisa was home from New York and we had gone to Waterville for Indian food. After our meal, we decided to do a … Continue reading

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Help! The Well’s Gone Dry

Kate Flora: I don’t know about you, but I look forward to each day’s new posting here at Maine Crime Writers. The subject matter is so diverse—real Maine crimes, the challenge of balancing book deadlines and a loved one’s illness, … Continue reading

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Stuck? Busy? Unproductive? Some Thoughts About Finishing Your Work

Kate Flora: Something happens to a lot of us as September approaches. Conditioned by anywhere from 12 – 19 years of going back to class each fall, we start thinking about getting serious about our work. Knuckling down to postponed … Continue reading

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A Cure for the Middle-of-the-Book Blahs

So there I was, approaching the midpoint of the ninth Liss MacCrimmon mystery (no title yet), when I hit another of those obstacles that crop up every single time I write a novel. Yes, that’s right. I ran headlong into … Continue reading

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