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How It All Began

Kate Flora: Crime writers sometimes engage in a competition that could be titled: Who has suffered most? This usually begins by comparing how many years each competitor spent in the unpublished writers corner. This is followed by stories of horrible … Continue reading

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When The Next Scene Eludes You

Kate Flora: Fall, with the crisp air and vibrant colors, always inspires me to write. Or it did until recently. Lately, I seem to have the attention span of a gnat and the creativity of a knothole. Probably not something … Continue reading

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Where We Write

Today, Dorothy is recovering from having fun with her friends at Malice Domestic, so instead of her gentle humor, we’re sharing photos of where we write, the view from where we write, the chaos in which we write, and other … Continue reading

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Living the Dream: The Writers’ Life

Authors write. No doubt about it. But in today’s world we also blog, speak at conferences, bookstores, libraries and schools, post on social media, send newsletters or notes to fans, and appear in venues as varied as 2500 person auditoriums … Continue reading

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Living and Writing on the Coast of Maine

Lea here. And, for all of you who enjoy reading the Maine Crime Writers blog, have I got a book for you! As many regular readers of this blog know, during the past fifteen years I’ve changed my life, in … Continue reading

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Struggling with the A Drive, an Ice Storm, and Writer’s Funk in General

Dorothy Cannell: For the past couple of weeks I’ve been wracking my brains about what to write this month.  Ideas flitted in and out only to be discarded as mundane, already likely to have been written about by someone with a … Continue reading

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What “Everyone Knows” About Authors*

As part of our current series of “Golden Oldies,” here’s a blog I wrote that was published a couple of years ago … but which I think stands the test of time. *(BUT ISN’T TRUE) (Lea Wait’s notes garnered during ten years/nine … Continue reading

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