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Your Friends Tell You What You Need To Hear

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: As many readers of this blog know, I live further north than any other contributor to this blog. This can be a problem when you hate winter. All of my memories of growing up in Caribou, … Continue reading

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Stiffing Clyde

“Ayup, scared the poor booger half to death. it’s bad enough the kid has to freeze his butt delivering papers with the wind chill at minus 40, but to come upon Clyde like that. I’d be surprised if he ever … Continue reading

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Fallout: Three Windows on How Mental Health Issues Cast a Wide Net of Pain

John Clark: I planned to post something called “Corpses, Love at First Sight and Other Causes of My Lifelong Insanity” today, but the book I finished this morning, coupled with two I read a week ago were so striking they deserve … Continue reading

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Roxana Robinson’s Sparta: A Brilliantly Told Tale of the Costs of War.

James Hayman:  I just finished reading Sparta, a novel by a writer named Roxana Robinson that initially attracted me because I’d been so impressed by her previous novel, Cost.  Cost told the story of a mother’s struggle to save the … Continue reading

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An Interview with Maine Crime Writer Tess Gerritsen

As Maine writers ourselves, we’ve very interested in how you ended up living and writing in Maine. Can you tell us that story?  Tess: I was living in Hawaii and feeling the effects of “island fever,” a condition where you … Continue reading

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