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Purple Asters

John Clark with a reprint of an essay I wrote in 2005 for Wolf Moon Journal. I’m sharing it because it relates to fall and when I came out of the Alfond Center this morning after my aquatic exercise class, … Continue reading

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Ten Years After…No Band Involved

John Clark in a holding pattern with the rest of the family, awaiting the arrival of Reid James Lozefski, our first grandson. Ten years ago, I got so weirded out after removing 34 deer ticks while in the woods at … Continue reading

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A friend dropped by on his way to his in-progress place on the Airline yesterday. While catching up, he commented on the previous generation’s tendency to hoard and how long it takes to go through stuff after they die. That … Continue reading

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Every Time I Pass An Empty House

John Clark reflecting on an unusual opportunity Kate and I had as kids and what happened afterward. We weren’t ten yet, I guess, when Mom and Dad signed up for the IFYE program (http://ifyeusa.org/). Over a four year period, we … Continue reading

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Emotional Geography-Looking back at 50 years on Sennebec Hill Farm.

John Clark remembering some of the visual and emotional memories I have from growing up on East Sennebec Road. As a cataloger, I’ve come to be intrigued by some of the more esoteric subject headings used in bibliographic records. One … Continue reading

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John Clark taking everyone back to October 16, 1980. I didn’t wake up that morning, I came to and finally realized that I couldn’t bullshit myself any longer. My life was a train wreck, when I looked at the future, … Continue reading

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Roads Not Taken and Making Scents of Maine

John Clark on an unusually chilly July morning. Even though our audience was small on Tuesday night in Dover-Foxcroft, we had plenty of fun and the session went for almost an hour and a half. At one point I mentioned … Continue reading

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A bit of Nostalgia

I wrote this many years ago. Last week, wandering around the edge of the family berry patch got me remembering it.   Blueberry Summers Beth waited while I looked around the new room, hunting for the Shedd’s peanut butter pail. … Continue reading

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Sennebec Hill Farm Memories: Part One

John Clark remembering today. Where you grow up defines many things, ones I suspect many folks don’t understand unless they’re put in a place where they have time to ruminate on them, or are forced to examine them by unusual … Continue reading

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Sgt. Pepper X 1.8

  Thirty-six years ago today, Beth and I got married under a giant oak tree on Sennebec Hill Farm. We worried about the possibility of rain, but the skies cleared and we had a perfect September day. Ours was a … Continue reading

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