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In praise of good long books

My town had by all accounts a very succesful community read this year — an event in which everyone (who wants to) reads the same book. A variety of discussions and events are built around it, and it lasts for … Continue reading

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Getting a Read on 2020

John Clark deliberately ignoring the clusterdiddle in the capitol. If I’m going to look back, I’d rather look at something brighter. I had 4 stories published (two in the 2020 BOULD Anthology, one in Stop The World-Stories of the Pandemic … Continue reading

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My Thoughts Are Like Sanderlings, Redux

In early April, when our awareness of the pandemic was still new, I wrote a post consisting of a series of random thoughts. I thought about that post last Sunday while walking the beach late in the afternoon, studying the … Continue reading

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Susan Vaughan here. My husband and I recently spent ten days in sunny and blessedly warm Florida. We walked the beach and sat in beach chairs and read, among other things. As soon as we returned to Maine, we faced … Continue reading

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Want to make the world a better place? Give a kid a book

I’ve seen a few items in the news lately about The Molina Foundation giving away more than 5,000 books this summer to Community Action Programs across Maine. The books are to be handed out to kids served by the programs. … Continue reading

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Want proof a community cares about a library? Take a trip to Augusta, Maine

We’ve written often in this space about libraries and how much we appreciate them — as writers they hold a special place for us. Recently, I was reminded just how much libraries are part of a community as a whole … Continue reading

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Master of All Masters.

Vaughn Hardacker here: Recently, I was talking to a young couple, parents of two children, four and six, and the topic of how we entertain our kids came up. As I expected several techniques were mentioned, all of which were … Continue reading

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Share of Eyeballs.

James Hayman:  Remember the old line by what once upon a time were called skirt-chasers,  “So many women.  So little time?”   These days it seems to apply more to other forms of entertainment that it does to sex.  “So many … Continue reading

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