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A great Christmas movie that’s not on any list but mine

So, Thanksgiving, right? I feel under some pressure to do a “what I’m thankful for” post, so here it goes… Ha ha! I almost had you, didn’t I? I think you guys know me better than that. ‘Tis the season … Continue reading

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Snow Days

Happy Thanksgiving, all! It’s been an uncharacteristically snowy one here – very snowy, as a matter of fact. We typically don’t see this amount of the white stuff until late December – contrary to popular belief, not every Christmas is … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks For And About Our Writing Lives

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, to celebrate with family and friends the positive events and accomplishments in our lives, the blessings, if you will, that enrich our days. Maine’s crime writers are much like a family. We spend … Continue reading

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Senebec Hill Stuffing

Today we feature a “Ghost post” from John Clark and Kate Flora’s late mother, A. Carman Clark. Country living writer, journalist, newspaper editor, and, late in life, a mystery writer, Mrs. Clark always had a wry way of looking at … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Again!

Vaughn Hardacker here. Another year is almost gone and I’m staring my 68th Thanksgiving in the eye. I’ve never been a holiday type of guy (even less so now that my nuclear family has disintegrated) and for many years I’ve … Continue reading

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Weekend Update: November 21-22, 2015

Next week at Maine Crime Writers there will be posts by Maureen Milliken (Monday), Jessie Crockett (Tuesday), Vaughn Hardacker (Wednesday), and Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson (Friday). Thursday, of course, is Thanksgiving, when we’ll have a “Ghost post” from the late … Continue reading

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Lea Wait, here. And I’m grumbling that it’s November. True, Maine enjoyed a glorious summer. Our only complaint was that some days were a bit too hot and humid. (Only people in New England would complain about temperatures in the high 80s.) … Continue reading

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Susan Vaughan here. Yes, I know Thanksgiving comes later in the month, but sharing these killer Thanksgiving recipes allows time to shop for ingredients. Thanksgiving is my husband’s favorite holiday—family and friends, great food, but no pressure about gifts—so we … Continue reading

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Weekend Update: November 23-24,2013

Next week at Maine Crime Writers we’ll be featuring posts from Susan Vaughan (Monday), John Clark (Tuesday), and Kate Flora (Wednesday), and for Thanksgiving we’ll have a post on Holiday Traditions. In the news department, here’s what’s happening with some … Continue reading

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Do Women Commit As Many Crimes As Men? (1858)

  Lea Wait, here. A few days ago I was doing a “Lea Wait thing,” as my husband would say .. I was paging through some old issues (well, technically they’re all old) of Godey’s Lady’s Book, and the headline … Continue reading

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