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Is This What’s Wrong In Our Society?

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: On September 10, 2020, Heidi Carter, owner of Bogan Books in Fort Kent, ME, and I did a virtual book launch of my newly released novel, THE EXCHANGE, from her store. After the event, I asked … Continue reading

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My “Want List”

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here, wondering if other people make a “want list” to keep track of when new books by favorite authors, and a few select DVDs of recent movies, are due to be published. I’ve done this for … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks For And About Our Writing Lives

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, to celebrate with family and friends the positive events and accomplishments in our lives, the blessings, if you will, that enrich our days. Maine’s crime writers are much like a family. We spend … Continue reading

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Want to make the world a better place? Give a kid a book

I’ve seen a few items in the news lately about The Molina Foundation giving away more than 5,000 books this summer to Community Action Programs across Maine. The books are to be handed out to kids served by the programs. … Continue reading

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Is The 1st Amendment In Jeopardy?

After reading Lea’s post of March 17, I have been giving a lot of thought to the question: “Where do you get your ideas?” We always respond that there are many sources from the media to our life experiences. It … Continue reading

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Books, You Say?

Kaitlyn Dunnett, aka Kathy Lynn Emerson, aka Kate Emerson here to share a not-so-little problem that has been accumulating, so to speak, for quite a number of years. Since 1984, fifty-four of the books I’ve written have been published under … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Surprise

Vaughn Hardacker here: The one of the negatives of living up here in the COUNTY is the lack of bookstores. It has been a couple of years since Mr. Paperback closed both of its county stores, leaving us with Walmart (a limited … Continue reading

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Master of All Masters.

Vaughn Hardacker here: Recently, I was talking to a young couple, parents of two children, four and six, and the topic of how we entertain our kids came up. As I expected several techniques were mentioned, all of which were … Continue reading

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