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Susan Vaughan loves writing romantic suspense because it throws the hero and heroine together under extraordinary circumstances and pits them against a clever villain. Her books have won the Golden Leaf, More Than Magic, and Write Touch Readers’ Award and been a finalist for the Booksellers’ Best and Daphne du Maurier awards. A former teacher, she’s a West Virginia native, but she and her husband have lived in the Mid-Coast area of Maine for many years. Her latest release is HIDDEN OBSESSISON, the follow-up to PRIMAL OBSESSION, available as digital or in print on Amazon. Find her at or on Facebook as Susan H. Vaughan or on Twitter @SHVaughan.


I’ve posted this before, so I hope you don’t mind seeing it again. Yes, I know Mother’s Day was last Sunday but this is my day so I’m having my say. I have my mother to thank for introducing me … Continue reading

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At a social event in the distant past when it was possible to attend such things as social events, the woman I was conversing with over our plates of snacks asked excitedly when my next book would be released. I … Continue reading

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My Five Reasons…

As a writer of romantic suspense, along with being a member of Maine Crime Writers and Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, I’m also a member of the Maine Romance Writers. MRW’s newsletter occasionally has a feature called “My Five,” in … Continue reading

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Grouches, Crabs, & Pooches

Today is Presidents Day. I noted in checking through my past posts that my assigned date last year fell also on Presidents Day. In 2020, I wrote about presidential trivia. So rather than repeat, I’ll mention it briefly and move … Continue reading

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Mystery or Suspense?

Although my mystery author friends here accept me into their ranks, I write romantic suspense and have been published in that genre for a long time. When I tell non-romance readers what I write, they look at me blankly. I … Continue reading

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Feeling blue? The you-know-what that starts with p got you down? You aren’t alone. Liquor sales are up. Many people report insomnia, lack of interest in activities they previously did daily or weekly, and downright depression. I know at least … Continue reading

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Book Research Challenges

Book research can mean travel or contacting primary sources or searching online or a combination. Whatever form it takes, I find research always interesting and often fascinating. I have to hold myself back from oversharing in my novels. For Primal … Continue reading

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Election Season Crazies

If you’re hoping for an escape from the campaigns, this isn’t it. But my column isn’t about 2020, but a look at past—distant past—election seasons and nasty campaigns with false accusations and sensational claims. I posted this four years ago, … Continue reading

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Is the Government Watching Me?

Susan Vaughan here. A recent post by Maggie Robinson about how easy it is to be sucked into detailed research for a book prompted me to consider how research by writers who create fictional murders, terrorist threats and attacks, and … Continue reading

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Adventure or Misadventure?

Susan Vaughan here. I’ve written about this misadventure  before, but readers and other writers have encouraged me to share it again. I think they need a chuckle or two. Several years ago when the Romance Writers of America conference was … Continue reading

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