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What I Did During My Government Imposed Covid-19 Imprisonment

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: Since March of 2020 we have had an entirely different way of living forced upon us. For three months most of our retail stores have been closed, we’ve had to adapt to wearing face masks (although … Continue reading

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The New Year Is Off To A Great Start

It’s only January 17 in the year 2019 and I’m feeling that this year will have a lot in store for we writers. First: I was invited to be a participant in Guys and Goals, a forum for gifted fifth … Continue reading

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Leaves and things: At least Maine is easy to market

As I’m sure many readers of this blog are aware, writers have to do a lot of their own marketing and promoting. The good old days — well, I’m not sure what people did in the good old days before … Continue reading

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Social Media for Writers

For the past few years when asked for marketing or PR assistance from my publisher and (yes) my former agent , “Use social media,” seems to be the mantra. I fully understand the importance of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Of … Continue reading

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How to Launch a Book on a Budget

Whether you’re an author with a traditional publishing company or you’ve elected to go it alone, I don’t think it’s really a surprise that budgets are tight when it comes to promotions and marketing these days. Unless you are one … Continue reading

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Writers: Make audio one of the tools in the marketing chest

It’s no secret that authors these days have to be multi-taskers. No rest for the weary writer once the book is written. Even the authors who have the best publishing deals have to be on social media, know how to … Continue reading

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The Birth of a New Book …. Letting People Know

I’m Lea Wait, and in about six weeks my tenth book, the sixth in my Shadows Antique Print Mystery Series, will be hitting bookstores and libraries.  I had lunch with a friend this past week who congratulated me, told me … Continue reading

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