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Mystery Loves Company

Dear Readers, Dorothy cannot blog this month, so since we know you like your regular dose of her insight and humor, we are rerunning a post from a few years back that you might enjoy discovering or rereading. What are … Continue reading

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Thanks, Mom

Yes, I know Mother’s Day was last Sunday but this is my day so I’m having my say. I have my mother to thank for introducing me to mystery novels. We seldom agreed on much, but shared the love of … Continue reading

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Jessie: In New Hampshire where the snow has melted sufficiently to expose cheerful clumps of daffodils. I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about technology and social media. With all that has been on the news about privacy violations and … Continue reading

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Dame Agatha and Her Orient Express

Susan Vaughan here. Seeing Kenneth Branagh’s new film version of Murder on the Orient Express prompted me to reread Agatha Christie’s original 1934 novel. For the uninitiated, the story as written and the 2017 film are both set aboard the … Continue reading

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The Waldoboro Public Library

Dorothy Cannell: Some years ago I was talking with a friend who had moved to the U.S. from England as an adult, as I had done. Our conversation revolved around the strong pull that the country of our birth and upbringing … Continue reading

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Tuning The Ear

Dorothy Cannell: For the past several years I have been focusing much of my mystery reading on golden oldies in the tradition of Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Josephine Tey, Georgette Heyer, Patricia Wentworth, etc.. The reason – I enjoy them … Continue reading

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Susan Vaughan here. Some friends and I were sharing what were the first novels for adults that really hooked us. For me, it was mysteries. Every Saturday as far back as I can recall, I went to the local library … Continue reading

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Edgar Allan Poe Explains it All

Early on, I admired the work of  Edgar Allan Poe, thanks mostly to my mother who read out loud to me his very creepy short story The Gold Bug. It was about a man obsessed with searching for treasure after … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

            Dorothy Cannell : My 2014 New Year’s resolution was to get dug into 2013’s spring cleaning.  Several years ago I read or heard that the best way to preserve wood furniture was to paste wax … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts: Page to Screen

Recently, I watched the DVD of the movie version of Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money, a  comic caper mystery featuring novice bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. There was a lot of online discussion about the casting of this movie and … Continue reading

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