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(Not Quite) Goodbye

Before I get to today’s post, a quick note: I’ll be appearing at the Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick tomorrow, 10/18, at 7PM. If you’re around, stop by and say hello! Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming… The Broadway Bridge … Continue reading

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The Big Uneasy

This has been a crazy, wonderful, nerve-wracking week for me. (Well, will have been. I’m typing this on Saturday, September 10th, for reasons which will soon become obvious.) My fifth novel, RED RIGHT HAND, was released on Tuesday. It’s the … Continue reading

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The Busy Season

Ah, summer in Maine. That magical time of year when the turnpike’s clogged from Friday to Sunday, your favorite haunts are choked with tourists, and your friends who live in warmer climes suddenly realize how much they miss you. I’m not … Continue reading

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A (Choose Your Own Adventure) Day in Portland, Maine

I first laid eyes on Portland nearly twenty years ago, and I’ve lived here for fifteen. It’s a marvelous place to call home—small enough that its rhythms quickly become familiar, but vibrant enough that I still don’t feel as if I’ve … Continue reading

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A Question (and a Contest!)

Look, people. Let’s not beat around the bush. This September, I’ve got a new book coming out. It’s called RED RIGHT HAND, and it’s the followup to my Anthony, Barry, Lefty, and Macavity-nominated Michael Hendricks novel, THE KILLING KIND. I’m crazy psyched for … Continue reading

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The Devil's On His Way

Friday the 13th is nearly upon us. We’ve got a special group post lined up for tomorrow to celebrate, but — as a writer with a(n un)healthy fondness for the macabre — I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk a … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures

Jayne Hitchcock here. As a writer, some people have preconceptions about me. When they hear me speak or see me at a book signing, I’m usually dressed to the nines. I have a BMW (an older one, but it’s in … Continue reading

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Summer Is Here – So Are The Tourists

Jayne Hitchcock here – is it just me, or did Spring turn into Fall then magically into Summer? What crazy weather! Even so, the tourists are flocking to my town of York. We live on the main road to the … Continue reading

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The Mystery Dog Comes to Camden

A month ago, my oldest son Matt texted me from St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, where he lives and works as the Captain of a 120-foot charter yacht. He was coming home for a visit on April 29th, and … Continue reading

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Sorry I’m late

Jayne Hitchcock here – I am in the middle of trying to get my taxes filed – my accountant filed an extension, but it turns out I can’t do that because I filed for bankruptcy a couple of years ago, … Continue reading

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