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Why write? Because of stuff like this

There’s this thing that happens after a writer has spent a year — or two — grinding out a book. People read it. Some are nice. They’re polite and kind. I appreciate that. Then there are the people who want … Continue reading

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The Strange Unreality of Writing a Novel

Paul Doiron here— I have spent the better part of the past year writing a novel titled MASSACRE POND, and I am nearing the end. As always happens to me when I am finishing a book, I find myself growing … Continue reading

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In Praise of a Perceptive Editor

James Hayman:  At the moment, I’m in the middle of making final revisions to my third McCabe/Savage thriller. Titled Darkness First the book is due out in the UK in June 2013 and, hopefully, around the same time in the … Continue reading

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