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Romance in Mysteries, Yes or No?

Happy Valentine’s Day! We thought this would be the perfect time for a discussion of the place of romance in our mysteries, and we welcome your thoughts on the subject. Kate Flora: I have to start by admitting that my … Continue reading

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Why write? Because of stuff like this

There’s this thing that happens after a writer has spent a year — or two — grinding out a book. People read it. Some are nice. They’re polite and kind. I appreciate that. Then there are the people who want … Continue reading

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In praise of writers using the F-word. I’m F-wording serious.

Someone wrote to Dear Annie, an advice column in my local newspaper, complaining about writers who use the “f-word” in their novels. The letter was signed “Love to Read.” Annie agreed, responding, “Anything said with the F-word could be better … Continue reading

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Scene 1, Chapter 1, Bad News Travels Fast.

I know, I know. You’ve heard it all before. Authors say it all the time. “I’m finishing up my book on a deadline so I can’t blah blah blah.” But it’s true! It happens. These babies don’t write themselves. So, … Continue reading

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