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Writer, whatever you do, get a real editor

I’m reading a book about a topic that really interests me, but it’s a tough read because the book is so poorly edited. There are punctuation errors, particularly missing or unncessary commas, on every page. There are word use issues … Continue reading

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So Many Stars, Swooning and life is still shorter than you think

John Clark grateful for weather that allows me to work up a backyard sweat. No matter how much I love to read, enforced inside time results in literary antsiness every so often. Hell, even great coffee gets old when your … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Dog?

Kate Flora: One question that writers are frequently asked when we give book talks is for information about our process. Do we write every day? Do we outline? Do we know what’s going to happen before we start the book? … Continue reading

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Must We Kill Our Darlings?

Sandra Neily here, with more on murder. William Faulkner had this advice: “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” Stephen King drove the knife deeper: “Kill your darlings, kill your darlings,” he wrote. “even when it breaks your egocentric little … Continue reading

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Beta Love

By Brenda Buchanan There comes a time in every writer’s life when she needs to back away from the keyboard and ask for help. For me, this moment comes when I’m so close to my story that I can’t separate … Continue reading

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Porch Sitting

Lea Wait, here, enjoying summer in Maine. Temperatures and humidity have been a bit higher than usual this summer, but compared to other parts of the country we have nothing to complain about. (Although occasionally we complain anyway. I suspect complaining about … Continue reading

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Editing? One Dozen Points To Check

I’m Lea Wait, I’m an author, and I have a confession. I really don’t like writing. Now, that doesn’t mean never, and it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. I just mean that for me the most difficult and frustrating part … Continue reading

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In Praise of a Perceptive Editor

James Hayman:  At the moment, I’m in the middle of making final revisions to my third McCabe/Savage thriller. Titled Darkness First the book is due out in the UK in June 2013 and, hopefully, around the same time in the … Continue reading

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The Truth About Editors

Paul Doiron here— There’s an advertisement I see in magazines for Breitling watches that always cracks me up. It shows a picture of John Travolta wearing a bomber jacket and staring manfully out at the reader. The tagline reads: PROFESSION: … Continue reading

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Time To Write …. Lea Wait

“If only I had the time, I’d write a book, too …” How many times has every author heard that? And smiled. Because … no one ever has enough time. I wrote my first book (my first mystery – Shadows … Continue reading

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