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My Flash Entry in the Maine Crime Wave Contest

John Clark, nursing a fractured elbow from a Saturday afternoon project that went awry, more about that in a later post. My entry in this years Maine Crime Wave challenge was among the ten best, per the email I received, … Continue reading

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Like A Birch Tree

John Clark sharing recent contemplations in this strangest of years. Like most of those blogging on MCW, I’ve had to look at events and circumstances on almost a daily basis in order to stay safe and sane. Unexpected changes have … Continue reading

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A Day The Music Died

The Day the Music Died John Clark celebrating by sharing the life of one amazing guy. I’m not sure about where I first met BeBop. I suspect it was at a meeting on Sunday night in Gardiner, but I really … Continue reading

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Playing With House Money In A Room Full Of Ghosts

John Clark feeling a mix of relief and frustration on a chilly Thursday night. On the Sunday before the election, a large poplar toppled over onto our back lawn. I really didn’t want it lying there all winter, but my … Continue reading

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John Clark taking everyone back to October 16, 1980. I didn’t wake up that morning, I came to and finally realized that I couldn’t bullshit myself any longer. My life was a train wreck, when I looked at the future, … Continue reading

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