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How I Smuggled Drugs into Calcutta

Lea Wait, here. And, yes, I did that. Do note: although they were illegal for me to bring with me, the drugs included aspirin, vitamins, medications for scabies and other skin infections, and antibiotics. I also took children’s tape recorders, incubator parts, balloons, hair … Continue reading

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Every Time I Pass An Empty House

John Clark reflecting on an unusual opportunity Kate and I had as kids and what happened afterward. We weren’t ten yet, I guess, when Mom and Dad signed up for the IFYE program (http://ifyeusa.org/). Over a four year period, we … Continue reading

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A Journey to India: The Anita Ray Mysteries

Susan Oleksiw: When Kate Flora invited me to introduce the Anita Ray series to readers of the Maine Crime Writers blog, I was delighted. Anita Ray is one of my favorite characters, and she’s the logical end of many years … Continue reading

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Adoption: One of my Daughters’ Story

Lea Wait, here. In honor of National Adoption Month, I thought I’d share the story of one of my daughters, and how 1985 changed both our lives. In 1985 I was single, living in New Jersey and working at AT&T. I had three daughters. … Continue reading

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