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Messages from the Universe

Kate Flora: I am now starting day six of an awfully spartan diet, which likely colors my mood in a not very pleasant fashion. Still, when I sit down to blog, thinking of readers and writers out there, I always cheer … Continue reading

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Before Hartland: A Look back

John Clark looking at a place and time that saw many changes in the 26 years we lived there. A year after Beth and I got married, interest rates and inflation started rising at a frightening clip. We’d saved a … Continue reading

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The Story of How the Orange Mailbox Came to Be

Since yesterday was the 4th of July, and the 44th anniversary of the dastardly deed that started the creation of my late mother’s world famous icon, it’s a good time to share how it came about. I was home from … Continue reading

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Maine, the Way Life Is

Okay. We have this post coming about our favorite Maine places. And I confess. I lied. Well, not really. I just talked about the Maine that my family loves, the beautiful reaches of East Penobscot Bay. I love that Maine, … Continue reading

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