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I got them steadily depressin’, low down mind messin’ February in winter blues.

John Clark echoing others who have posted about darkness, bleak feelings, and being stuck in a rut. It’s been a number of years since winter in general, and February in specific bit me in the backside. This year, cumulative ‘stuff’ … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever, Supply Chain Woes and The ASS

I knew it was time to go on a road trip when Mother threw her hair dryer through our big screen TV. Granted she’d taken a hammer to the radio in the kitchen the day before when her favorite program … Continue reading

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We Want to Protect You, or Surviving Cabin Fever

That’ll teach me to leave the snowshoes home! Cabin Fevah, Ya say? If you’re a flatlander, ya probably never heard of it. In Maine it’s a fact of life every February, earlier if Old Man Winter gets his longjohns in … Continue reading

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John Clark celebrating the beginning of Cabin Fever, an annual rite of Northern New England nuttiness. It’s the time when supposedly sane human beings do all sorts of seriously funny and occasionally scary things. Best friends are at each others … Continue reading

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It’s Time for the 2013 Cabin Fever Game

Reprising the Cabin Fever Quiz   Pity those poor souls living in places like Arkansas and Mississippi, they’ve never experienced the unique phenomena known as Cabin Fever. If you’re a real Mainer or have lived here for any length of … Continue reading

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