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Cabin Fever, Supply Chain Woes and The ASS

I knew it was time to go on a road trip when Mother threw her hair dryer through our big screen TV. Granted she’d taken a hammer to the radio in the kitchen the day before when her favorite program … Continue reading

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After The Fall/Coming Soon

John Clark elaborating on my fractured elbow adventure and a new look at Post-Covid movie possibilities, but first the elbow. Regular blog followers may remember the fun(?) we had clearing the jungle that was the back of our lot at … Continue reading

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So Ya Think Ya Know Maine?

John Clark battling the fifth episode of a malady I never heard of until it struck, ingrown eyelashes. Whether they’re related to cataract surgery, or will eventually go away on their own, remains to be seen, but each occurrence seems … Continue reading

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Right Up There With Al, Leslie and Tex

John Clark on an unusual geographic phenomenon, one found only in Maine and Vermont. I’m talking gores which are described thusly. “A gore is an irregular parcel of land, as small as a triangle of median in a street intersection … Continue reading

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You need Feet, Frost (you say), and Witty Ditties to Survive

John Clark checking in from solitary confinement where I’m serenaded by a new sump pump and sounds of semis rumbling on the I-95 overpass a couple hundred feet from our home. With Beth going to our daughter’s house in Belgrade … Continue reading

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We Want to Protect You, or Surviving Cabin Fever

That’ll teach me to leave the snowshoes home! Cabin Fevah, Ya say? If you’re a flatlander, ya probably never heard of it. In Maine it’s a fact of life every February, earlier if Old Man Winter gets his longjohns in … Continue reading

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Puntown USA, or how we'll celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in 2017

John Clark a tad late to the blog this morning. Next September Mother and I are celebrating 40 years together legally (you can tack on a couple in front of that where we lived in Sin, a small town between … Continue reading

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A Serious, But Seldom Discussed Maine Issue

John Clark discussing an important, but seldom talked about issue in Maine. At a time when the population is getting older, our state department of transportation has shut down at least four rest areas on I-95. The two just north … Continue reading

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A Mostly True, Sorta Tale of Guyishness, Minus the Bullet Holes and Duct Tape

John Clark is unavailable today as he’s in Rapid City, SD at the Elmo Ermwood Institute for an annual spiritual oil change and alignment. He will return for his next regularly scheduled post. His favorite cousin, Pradesh ‘Bubba’ Letourneau is … Continue reading

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