It’s Time for the 2013 Cabin Fever Game

Reprising the Cabin Fever Quiz


Cracked corn and sunflower seeds again. That's it! Next time I'm picking the restaurant.

Pity those poor souls living in places like Arkansas and Mississippi, they’ve never experienced the unique phenomena known as Cabin Fever. If you’re a real Mainer or have lived here for any length of time, you can spot the symptoms pretty quickly.: Best friends in a death match at town meeting over the dollar increase in dump permits, neighbors using itinerant bible salesmen to fill fresh potholes, the sudden urge to make a stew out of the gray squirrels you’ve been feeding since November, the sharp increase in TV sets with bullet holes piled up at the transfer station, more folks waving to each other with one finger. I’m sure you can easily add to this symptom list.

When I was the head librarian in Boothbay Harbor, I started a contest for folks on Melibs-L, the listserv for Maine librarians. Each February, I’d choose a list of books published the previous year and come up with twisted descriptions for their titles, challenging list members to get as many correct as possible. It was great fun and I awarded prizes for the most correct or the first to get all titles right.

Since the members of this group have an abundance of published work, I thought I would reprise the Maine Cabin Fever Game using only titles written by members of MCW. Below are 23 twisted title descriptions of books penned by folks who post here regularly. Guessing is open to MCW members as well as anyone who reads the blog and ventures a guess. There will be prizes (see pictures). Most correct wins a brand new Diet Mountain Dew hoodie still in the shipping bag. Runner up wins a new Purina Be Happy Pet Food t-shirt. Both win bragging rights. One hint-there’s a yet to be published title among them by a member of the blog.

Because this is a competition, please don’t post your guesses here, send them to me via email to Winners and correct answers will appear in my post on March 4th. Put your thinking caps on and have fun.


”So, you like wanna hook up after I'm resurrected?”
5 cents, 6 if you're in the right place.
Attractive Zombie?
Casket carpentry for the fairer sex?
Clipped oral description of colorful garment no longer suitable for use.
Confronting pillow material intermixed with Model 94 Goslings?
Craps, these babies are lethal
Dappled sunlight on sterile saline bag.
Fallen shingle on Munjoy Hill??
Favorite spot to see deer once loggers depart?
For sale in Craigslist by late southern general
Legal guardian's description of mermaid's arrival?
Male parent expert breakfast cook?
Miscreant dwarf takes a tumble?
Ms. Howe recovering, thank you.
Parsnips for one when veteran Maine Gardener asked this question.
Perfect description of a suicide knob?
Possible outcome of hoedown?
Premeditation by Dave the musician?
Rebuff in singles bar by Galahad.
Regent's real estate transaction includes lake impoundment?
Stamp collection coming apart?
Under assassins in the Yellow Pages.
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  1. MCWriTers says:

    Gad, John . . . I haven’t a clue.

    Hope we get some takers, though.


  2. Deanna says:

    Great idea…Dee

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