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The Guy On The Train, Part Two

Last blog post I detailed my adventures on Boston’s MBTA. Today I’ll talk about my train adventures inside the U.S. My first real train ride occurred when I was in college in the mid-eighties. A friend and I decided to … Continue reading

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The Guy on the Train, Part 1

The subject of trains has been a popular trope for many mystery authors. From THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN to THE ORIENT EXPRESS to STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, trains have proved to be a fascinating vehicle to set a thriller … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye

This is going to be a short post. The reason is my father died yesterday. He was eighty-four and finally succumbed from an illness that had been plaguing him for the last two years. He had a long and interesting … Continue reading

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Hockey and the Thin Blue Line

It’s that time of year in New England where some people like myself and my family get excited about the upcoming hockey season. We eagerly look forward to players speeding down the ice and shooting a perfect wrist shot between … Continue reading

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Falling In Love With Fall

I know it’s not autumn yet but it feels that way. The temperatures here in Maine are quickly dropping, especially at night. It’s noticeable because this past summer has been one of the hottest on record. So this Sunday after … Continue reading

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Pushing Boundaries in your Writing

The characters in my new psychological thriller, THE NEIGHBOR, drink a lot. And I mean a lot. How much drinking is too much in a novel? Is it a case that you’ll know it when you see it. The same … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence and the Crime Novel

I’ve been thinking lately about how future societal developments will impact both criminal activity and the crime novel. In my last blog I spoke about how the coming cashless monetary system will affect criminality and how crime authors will adapt … Continue reading

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The Coming Cashless Society and the Crime Novel

We live in a rapidly evolving world that is rushing headfirst toward a technological revolution. This means adopting a digital currency and moving toward a society where cash is obsolete and made irrelevant by laws. What does that portend for … Continue reading

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Writing In The Age Of A Waning Pandemic

It’s been a difficult year for everybody dealing with the COVID crisis and trying to maneuver through all the various roadblocks facing us, some of which include health concerns, financial worries and social isolation. It’s been difficult for writers, as … Continue reading

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For Sale: Screenplay, Never Made

I’m a novelist and I just finished writing a screenplay. Why, you may ask, would I do something as silly as that? I’ve never written one and have no experience selling one. If you’re a writer like me, restless and … Continue reading

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