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The Introvert’s Hangover™

Before I get yammering here, please wish my good wife and the only person left in the world who laughs at my jokes, a happy birthday. She is XX years old. I woke up last Sunday morning feeling a little … Continue reading

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Mentors and Friends

As many of you know, both my parents died last year, my father in November and my mother in December. Everyone who’s been through any form of grief knows what a strange animal it can be. One of the things … Continue reading

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Walking Geese Sound Like Old Men

The news from Trout Brook is good: the rhubarb is leafing out, the radish tops have broken the surface of the dirt, the lilacs and forsythia are budding. I noticed on my walk through Jordan’s Farm the other morning that … Continue reading

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Unfurling the Umbrella

I’ve been teaching a class about crime fiction for the local Senior College at USM for several years now, and I’m constantly surprised by how many people equate a crime novel with a traditional mystery: a story that begins with … Continue reading

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Trundle On

Been a busy couple of weeks out here on Trout Brook. We had to chip our way out of three inches of frozen water when we returned from our thrice-delayed flights, coming and going from God’s Waiting Room, Florida. Key … Continue reading

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Tripping Chickens

Miss me much? You’ve seen some reruns of my posts over the last half of the year, so I’ll forgive you if you didn’t notice I wasn’t exactly here. In addition to the whole challenging life everyone has been leading, … Continue reading

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