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 Dorothy Cannell: My list is as long as some of those Oscar winner acknowledgements, but these are some of the reasons I feel the joy of gratitude this year. Being pain free as a result of spinal surgery last December. Having … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks For And About Our Writing Lives

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, to celebrate with family and friends the positive events and accomplishments in our lives, the blessings, if you will, that enrich our days. Maine’s crime writers are much like a family. We spend … Continue reading

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Learning to Wear a Tiara

Kate Flora: I was never one of those girls who dreamed about being a princess. I didn’tlong for glamour, or jewels, or poofy dresses. People who know me can affirm that I don’t wear makeup, and when I do panels … Continue reading

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Seasonal adjustment

Is there anything more trite than observations about the changing seasons and how we react to those changes?  Poets, composers, and painters have had a field day with that subject, using it to explore attitudes toward life and death, the … Continue reading

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Maine Writers at the Crime Bake

The New England Crime Bake, our own regional mystery conference held every November, was this past weekend. The guest of honor this year was Walter Mosley, who inspired us all. Here are some pics from the event. Dick Cass was … Continue reading

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Launching #3

Happy Friday all! Bruce Robert Coffin here, fresh off the launch of the third novel in my Detective Byron series. You might think by now that launching a book would be old hat. You’d be wrong. I felt exactly the … Continue reading

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Election Day! (You HAVE Voted, Right?)

I’ll admit, I’ve been a political junkie since my grandmother bought our first (small, black and white) television so we could watch the Democratic and Republication conventions. I lay, sprawled on the floor of what was then our summer home … Continue reading

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