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New Maine, Old Maine, What’s Maine?

The annual NYT summer notice of Maine came out last week, and while I give them credit for trying to get vacationers north of Brunswick and west of 95, it’s still the kind of fluff that glosses over some of … Continue reading

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Cucumbers and Trout. (Bit of Salamanders, too.)

Sandra Neily here. Before we get to cucumbers and trout …. For the past few years, I’ve weighed in on garden issues. Here’s a blog from the past: “Weird Gardening. Ticks. Slugs, Beetles.” Here’s this year’s veggie drama. What’s eating … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories: A Tool For Crime Writers

A recent NY Times essay explains a widespread human behavior crime writers can put to good use: 1) people like conspiracies that go along with their beliefs and 2) there is some truth to every conspiracy theory (which makes them … Continue reading

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Carrying the flag

Sometime during the last century when I was a child, nothing pleased my sister and me more than coming upon a road construction project while in the car with our parents.  When we saw the first cautionary sign, we hoped … Continue reading

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The Coming Cashless Society and the Crime Novel

We live in a rapidly evolving world that is rushing headfirst toward a technological revolution. This means adopting a digital currency and moving toward a society where cash is obsolete and made irrelevant by laws. What does that portend for … Continue reading

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So, What Cha’ Doing This Weekend?

A bevy of top-notch crime writers will be in Maine this weekend and we writers and readers of crime fiction get to hang out with them. Virtually, that is. Maine Crime Wave is tomorrow. It’s happening on Zoom, and as … Continue reading

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Copycat Kate Looks Back at Maine Summer Jobs

Kate Flora: Hanging on Kaitlyn Dunnett’s coattails, I woke up this morning thinking about Maine summer past, and some of the jobs that I had. As many readers know, I grew up in Union (on Route 17 between Rockland/Camden and Augusta) … Continue reading

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It’s Win a Book Wednesday!

Kate Flora: Here with a belated good morning and a post about today’s book. Today, some lucky readers who leave a comment will win copies of Steal Away, the domestic suspense book I wrote as Katharine Clark. In my early years–those first published … Continue reading

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Kamikaze Gardening. Antler Camp. Black Flies.

(Join me at the Thompson Free Library this Thursday 5/27!) At my Moosehead Lake home (camp) I’ve been Kamikaze Gardening. Kamikaze Gardening is my term for intensely swooping down to remorselessly attack every garden job before black flies drive me … Continue reading

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Celebrating Christie’s One Hundred and One Published Years

Agatha Christie, who wrote sixty-six detective novels and fourteen short story collections (!), began her famed writing career 101 years ago. We can thank Christie’s sister who jump-started the famous author’s calling. According to literary lore, Agatha bet her sibling … Continue reading

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