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How Hating November Enriches My Vocabulary

Kate Flora: Three cold, rainy days this week have reminded me how much I hate November. The sky is gray, the clouds are gray, the world around me is gloomy shades of brown. I don’t want to write in the … Continue reading

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How We Lose and How We Find the Wild Maine

This week the undeveloped woods around my northern forest home were posted “No Trespassing.” Gates went up, cameras were leashed to trees, sheriffs were called; everything turned nasty. (Didn’t help that people angry about losing snowmobile access chain sawed their … Continue reading

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Diabetes Alert Dogs

A fellow author and friend of mine told me a few years ago about the special dog she owned that could detect the rising and falling glucose levels in her daughter.  The dog’s name was Little Bear and he was … Continue reading

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Optimism, or the Triumph of Hope over Experience?

It’s been a busy month, what with the launch of Elder Darrow’s fourth adventure Last Call at the Esposito, or as it’s known in-house: Elder goes to the Olympics. Been a good deal of assorted hoop-te-doodle and exercise of my … Continue reading

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Stockpiling Inspiration like Acorns to Carry Us Through the Winter

How is it mid-November already? I’m writing this on Veteran’s Day, eleven days into the eleventh month.  It was full-on dark outside my window at 4:30 this afternoon, which was just as well because it was spitting snow. We all … Continue reading

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How Laying a Dry Stone Wall is Like Writing a Novel

Darcy Scott here, feeling nostalgic on this crisp November morning and remembering another such day maybe ten years back when, after reluctantly bailing on the oh-so-romantic but completely impractical idea of spending Maine winters shivering aboard our sailboat in Kittery, … Continue reading

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Using Colorful Language – No, Not That Kind

Kate Flora: I’ve just wrapped up the first draft of Gutted,a book where fog plays a big role, a book set in October when the season is definitely changing, and where much of the action takes place at night. As … Continue reading

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