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Mud Month. Big Night! (Not What You Think…)

Sandra Neily here: It’s mud month in much of the northeast. I’m washing off my snowshoes and waxing my X-skies to rest them for a while. What to DO when it finally does melt off the high-up slopes? Distancing is … Continue reading

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The Day the World Ended

Today is the first anniversary of The Day the World Ended. On this day last year my wife and I drove to Salem to the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) to see its special exhibit of Jacob Lawrence’s “Struggle,” several dozen … Continue reading

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Getting Constructive Feedback

People ask me all the time about what it takes to publish a novel. What’s the best steps to take? How do I go about it? One of the first things I tell them is to join a writing group. … Continue reading

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Getting A ‘Read’ on Young Adult Fiction-Early Spring Edition

John Clark sharing some of the great young adult fiction titles recently published. There have been so many, I can’t keep up with them, although not for lack of trying. Here are thumbnail reviews of recent reads that impressed me. … Continue reading

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And Then I Ran Away . . .

Kate Flora: With a bit of trepidation about Florida’s covid practices (and masking) and with only one Moderna shot for protection, last week Ken and I loaded up the car with shorts and tee shirts and our laptops and flip-flops, and … Continue reading

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Fishing in Siberia. Best Lottery Ticket Ever. And George.

Sandra Neily here: I see that another Maine Crime Writer has written about George Smith who does deserve lots of attention and accolades. He was a good friend and I have some good George stories. But first, in honor of … Continue reading

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Walking in Winter

This is the first winter in many years I haven’t spent working out in a gym, for the obvious reasons, and other than not having that reason to warm my car up in the morning, I’ve been surprised to find … Continue reading

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Now that you’re comfy online, check out the Harrisville Children’s Center Auction

One thing the pandemic has added to our lives that may not be that bad is more comfort with a virtual world. Yeah, I know, if you’re like me, Zoom meetings are getting pretty old. But there’s also so much … Continue reading

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I dedicate today’s post to George Smith, ground-breaking Maine outdoorsman, tireless writer of outdoor activities, travel and legislative issues, and director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine for nearly two decades. George died this week at 72 following his ALS … Continue reading

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Tell again: the pleasures of re-reading

Like many others in what is now nearly a year of plague-induced isolation, my wife and I spent many hours reading.  In normal times we read a lot.  I always have two books going at a time, alternating between one … Continue reading

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