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blogged by Jule Selbo This is kind of jumping off from Shelley Burbank’s guest posting on Tuesday. Not on purpose – but when I read her blog – I thought – ahh! Minds in the same place! My very first … Continue reading

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Winter’s Joys (Really).

It’s March, and there’s only so much complaining you can do about the sleet, the slush and the potholes, so today I’m going to talk about the joys of winter. The snow’s piling up outside my window as I write … Continue reading

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The Magic of Changing Places

Kate Flora: If this were any other March, my husband Ken and I would have recently completed our marathon drive to Florida, where we would spend the month. We would have spent those hours on the road listening to a … Continue reading

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Oh, I’m Too $@#! Old for That

 In 2004, I was a Fishtrap Fellow at the Fishtrap Writers’ Conference in Joseph, Oregon. The theme of the conference was “Writing and the West,” and included poets, fiction writers, songwriters, and anyone else who had anything to say about … Continue reading

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Will AI replace fiction writers? No. You’re welcome.

Maureen Milliken: I decided to take the day off from writing a post and have artificial intelligence do it instead. Kidding! But I’m sure many writers have had the same experience I have — that smug guy (it’s always a guy, … Continue reading

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The Roaring ‘20s by Matt Cost

The Roaring ‘20s was quite arguably the most exciting time in the history of the US. It was a time just after the Great War, women recently having got the right to vote, Prohibition, speakeasies, rum runners, gangsters, baseball, jazz, … Continue reading

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Pithy. Pithy. Pithy! (am so eager for more of it …)

  Sandra Neily here: Are you, like me, pining for the world to get a bit more … Pithy? A pithy phrase or statement is brief but full of substance and meaning. It often feels like a shot of truth. (I don’t … Continue reading

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One of the things that will turn me off on a book is Tom Swift style characters, you know the hero who excels at everything they have ever done. You know The Great Leslie Gallant character of the Warner Brothers 1965 … Continue reading

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I got them steadily depressin’, low down mind messin’ February in winter blues.

John Clark echoing others who have posted about darkness, bleak feelings, and being stuck in a rut. It’s been a number of years since winter in general, and February in specific bit me in the backside. This year, cumulative ‘stuff’ … Continue reading

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A Blog Post About Absolutely Nothing At All

I have no idea what I’m going to write today in this blog post. Let’s just say that this is definitely a pantser blog, as opposed to a blog about pantser writers versus plotters. I feel like the schoolboy having … Continue reading

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