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What Scares Us. What Scares You?

From time to time, we offer a group post in which we all weigh in on the same subject. Today, in honor of Halloween, the subject is: What Scares You? We’ll share what scares us, and hope you’ll add some … Continue reading

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Public Libraries for Everyone? Not So Fast . . .

Charlene D’Avanzo: Earlier this week I spoke to a great group of readers at the Baxter Library in Gorham, Maine. My talk – “why a scientist who never wrote a word of fiction became a mystery writer” is one I’ve given … Continue reading

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To Kill or Not to Kill by Matt Cost

To kill or not to kill. That is the question that we all must ask ourselves at one point or another. Well, at least, if we are mystery writers. In a cozy mystery, there is usually no killing on the … Continue reading

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“A Mother Moose Won’t Stop Until She Gets You”

Sandy Interviews Wildlife Biologist Ron Joseph on his upcoming book. I got to know Ron Joseph when he was the wildlife biologist stationed in Greenville where I have a home on Moosehead Lake. I asked Ron to review my first … Continue reading

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No Time To Write—And Yet I Continue To Write

These days I have no time to write—and yet somehow I keep on writing. Between long hours working, handling a complicated estate, and the dramas of family life, I’m finding virtually no time to sit in front of the computer … Continue reading

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by Jule Selbo The second book in my Dee Rommel Mystery Series, 9 DAYS, is out and it’s fun to get feedback from readers. Some of the reactions come in through the message feature on my website, some from family … Continue reading

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The Poets Say It Best

 On these suddenly truncated days when we strive to convince ourselves winter is not rounding the near corner, I’m comforted by poetry that honors this season of transition and all the metaphors it offers.  Here are some of my favorites, … Continue reading

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Tree Stands. Rotting Donuts. Lynx Poop. Environmental Grief.  

After two major surgeries in less than a year (a new heart valve and knee replacement) I was surprised to realize how much I missed the characters and dog I’d created. Next to my daughter and her grandgirls of course. … Continue reading

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The Ties Between Eugenics and Genome Editing by Matt Cost

Ken Burns is on to something. But I beat him to the punch. In his new documentary, The U.S. and the Holocaust, he delves into the influence that America had on the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler through the study … Continue reading

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TL;DR Publishing is Weird

Thanks to all who turned out for the launch Wednesday night at Longfellow Books. Great fun, excellent cake, and an outstanding conversation with interviewer extraordinaire Katrina Niidas-Holm. I’m continuing the donation scheme I announced that night through the end of … Continue reading

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