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Too Many . . .

Too many funerals this year, he says, as he eyes the locomotive of his own old age steaming down the tracks: first, Lea Wait, of course, then a well-loved friend and colleague of Anne’s at the New Hampshire school where … Continue reading

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Watching true crime TV is good for your writing. Honest.

I have a lot of reasons for not getting far with my new book. Actually, I got semi-far, but the hard drive on my laptop died, and while I thought I’d saved the book to the cloud, I apparently didn’t. … Continue reading

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“Every Body Leaves A Trace”

“The Nature of Life and Death: Every Body Leaves A Trace”—now that’s a book for mystery writers. And the subtitle “Tales of A Forensic Ecologist” certainly got this ecologist’s attention. Author Patricia Wiltshire is a botanist and palynologist who identifies … Continue reading

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About Maine. Nothing About Impeachment

It’s gotten kind of crazy out there. Time to pull into Maine and appreciate it. Shovel the roof. Get out with the dog and roll in the snow. Read about the some Maine things that matter. Question. What do these … Continue reading

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Crime Movies I Enjoyed in 2019

Okay, I admit I haven’t seen THE IRISHMAN yet. It’s nearly four hours long and I’m trying to allot time to see it one stretch, I hate watching movies in increments, so you’ll have to excuse me on this one. … Continue reading

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Heralding Julia Spencer-Fleming’s Return

Do you know Clare and her husband Russ? Have you missed them? If so, I have terrific news—they’re back, or they will be on April 7 when dear friend and MCW blog alum Julia Spencer-Fleming will launch into the world … Continue reading

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Whose Story Is It?

Does the title ring a bell with you? The one thing that I battle is Point of View! Yes that thing editors watch closely and the trap many authors fall into–POV. First we must define what POV is. In his … Continue reading

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