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A Write Of Passage Revisited

Bruce Robert Coffin here, wishing all of you a happy month of April. Several years ago, following a rather formidable winter, I wrote a blog about the joy of the seasons first mowing. I thought sharing it with you again … Continue reading

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Happiest Days

All of us have phases in our lives … periods of our lives we remember for what we were doing (School? Jobs?) or where we were living, or what was happening in our family or who was important (for good … Continue reading

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Fall Down Nine Times, Get Up Ten

Or, if as happened earlier this month on my second outdoor walk of the spring, fall down once on an icy patch in the shade on Charles Jordan Road, get up, and don’t fall down again. But falling down—failing—is so … Continue reading

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“What IF?”

In this month’s Midwest Book Review one of my Mainely Needlepoint books (THREAD THE HALLS) is reviewed. For an author’s books to be reviewed is not unusual. In this case, however, it was, for two reasons. First, because THREAD THE … Continue reading

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More Magic, More Empthy, More Urgency

What if nature-based fiction works better than most any science course we ever took? What if it delivers more magic, more empathy, more urgency, and more wisdom than a cross-section or diagram ever could? When authors use the natural world … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Sun

Two young women in a red convertible with the top down zipped by me when I was driving home from work Tuesday evening. Heads thrown back, sunglasses glinting with the 5:45 rays brought to us by Daylight Saving Time, they were … Continue reading

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The College Admission Crimes: Rich & Famous Parents Gamed The System

Hey, everyone. March has arrived and the sun is warmer and the Maine snow is finally melting. I’m nearly done with my new novel, due to the publisher on May 1st. And getting ready for the launch of PRAY FOR … Continue reading

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