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Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas??

If there’s one often-asked question that especially bugs authors I think it’d be “where do you get your ideas from?”. Stated that way, it sounds like people think there’s a special place where you can buy them.  The truth is … Continue reading

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Of Course I Should Have Done It … Sooner

 Sandra Neily here: I should have done it sooner.  Well, that’s perhaps an endless list for most of us. (Including my missed Crime Writers posting date last week. Apologies to the team.) But I should have done this sooner. My … Continue reading

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Back To School—Covid Style

In a few days, my son returns to the University of Miami. It’s a perilous time for all students, but especially for college kids. Especially college kids in Miami, Florida, where COVID rates are high, Everything has changed on college … Continue reading

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A Trove of Garden Insight from Katharine White

We’re spending some time in Brooklin this month, where I lived for a while in the early 90s and to which I have returned most every summer since, at least for a few days. Regular readers of this blog likely … Continue reading

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What I Did During My Government Imposed Covid-19 Imprisonment

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: Since March of 2020 we have had an entirely different way of living forced upon us. For three months most of our retail stores have been closed, we’ve had to adapt to wearing face masks (although … Continue reading

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Notes from a Sabbatical

Kate Flora: When I first announced that I was thinking of taking a sabbatical from writing, not only were my friends skeptical, but I was. It was more of a joke than a reality—a declaration of restlessness and surprise at … Continue reading

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Reality, Part II

In my last post I predicted that someone would find something to question in A Fatal Fiction and that it would be something it would never have occurred to me to do differently. I hate it when I’m right! There’s … Continue reading

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An Anniversary of Sorts

(Begging your indulgence if you’ve seen this before): Cast. Mend. Drift. Strip. Step. Despite the bluebird desert sky, the rich sage air, the gorgeous red sun rising over the canyon rim—in spite of the prospect of a perfect river day—I … Continue reading

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What Maine Authors are Up To

Today, we’re getting together to give you a group update on what we’re writing or what we’ve recently written. All in one place so you can update your TBR list with books you’ve missed or get excited about the new … Continue reading

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Hey writers, there’s no excuse for boredom

You may have seen the clickbait “news” last year that Dover-Foxcroft is supposedly the “most boring” town or city in Maine. It was apparently based on the fact that it has the oldest median population, combined with lack of population … Continue reading

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