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Haunted or History

I once lived in a haunted house. No, this isn’t a Halloween post, but a history one. It’s partly my history and that of the farmhouse where I lived for a year as a child. My husband and I recently … Continue reading

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Tribute to a WWII Hero

Susan Vaughan here. Veterans Day and the D-Day anniversary have passed, but I’d like to pay tribute to that Greatest Generation, and specifically to my father, Arthur N. Hofstetter. He died in 1993 at age 80 without having really shared … Continue reading

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History in the Obituaries

Susan Vaughan here. Some people may feel that unless you know someone who has recently passed away, browsing the obituaries in the local newspapers (yes, print media!) is morbid. But I find I can learn a lot about history and … Continue reading

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The Acadian Expulsion

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: In my last blog I wrote about one of my more infamous ancestors, Lizzie Andrew Borden (1860 – 1927). The familial link to Lizzie was only one of the surprises I got while doing a detailed … Continue reading

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Santa and the Puritans by Julia Spencer-Fleming

By this point, you may already have heard the news story about the second grade teacher in Nanuet, NY, who, presenting a geography lesson about the Arctic, decided to tell her entire class of second graders that there is no … Continue reading

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